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NEW m3u playlist aggregator and it’s the best yet!

AVStream have done it again. The innovation on this one is absolutely mind blowing and will appeal to the new wave of streaming retailers who no longer sell physical goods who have started making anonymous money through IPTV sales and in app purchases. The Android TV Box market is suffering while the Android TV app market is booming!

IPTV apps are common place. Having your own STB emulator app is relatively easy and most IPTV retailers will already have one with their own branding that re-sellers and themselves will use to distribute their m3u playlist to the users. They all look the same except for the odd logo and change of theme colour, and in all honesty they're not great apps. They're cheap and do a job. That is all they do.

AVStream have changed the m3u playlist game

The STB Emulator apps lack control for the re-seller of a service. You get stuck with the logo's that the provider uses, you get stuck with the Movie and TV show genres that the provider uses and it never comes in the nice user friendly interface.

This is where AVStream have innovated once again in the industry. For the first time ever IPTV re sellers can take control of what they deliver to their end user and they've eliminated one of the biggest user issues in the game, the login of the user.

The AVStream Ultimate Plan now has an add-on feature "M3U Playlist Aggregator" that will turn any M3U playlist in to a true work of art wrapped inside an interface similar to the Amazon Fire TV.

The Ultimate Plan by AVStream now with m3u playlist aggregator

Features of the M3U playlist aggregator

Live TV

Add your own Live TV icons. Regularly a provider will either not upload an image or they will upload a poor image. Now you can upload you own images for each channel, giving your end product a true representation of what you are all about. You get a zip file containing the icons for the most common images and the rest you upload yourself.

On demand

This section is where the magic really happens. Again providers are only human and they don't seem to focus on the aesthetics of a project. Movie and TV series posters are often incorrect or none existent a lot of the time, leaving you with a very weak product. With AVStream's your on demand content is connect to the IMDB API which will pull the correct poster image, for the title. It will also organize the content in to genre such as Action, Drama and so on regardless of the group title your provider has put on the stream. Bringing your playlist closer to something you would see on Netflix. When your provider adds some new on demand content our API will pick up the new titles and add them to your software with the correct image and description automatically.

User's don't login

It was about time someone resolved this. You know how it is, you send the user their login details, they get them wrong, you spend several emails explaining that 0 is a zero and not O and eventually they get it right. Until the next time they have to login. AVStream have a better way. Rather than sending the user their login details you can activate their device remotely. They pay, you activate them and they have access until their line expires. That simple.

Beautiful Images

When your product looks good, your customers love it. When your customers love it they recommend you to others. Unlike any other software you choose all your own images. Each group section has it's own image tile and the best part is you can edit or swap your images as often as you like and the changes will happen in all your users devices remotely without the need for an app edit.

TV Guide

What good is a m3u service without a TV guide. Most have them and so does AVStream's Ultimate Plan. 

It also has a future

Unlike anything before it AVStream's software comes with free upgrades and the good news is, they're always making things better. The days of having an application that ages like fruit are over once you join. Your software stays at the very top of it's game for as long as you want it.

It all comes down to this for us, selling premium m3u playlists has it's issues, not just the way your content is displayed but also the bigger business issues. How do you attract new customers, how to you ensure that customers engage with the company, how do you keep customers and most of all, how do you take payments securely and simply for your product. With the Ultimate Plan and the custom M3U add-on.

With an app that is free for anyone that includes 50 kodi builds, retro gaming, apps download section and a built in VPN you can attract millions of potential customers that will love your product. Your shop window is all of a sudden bigger than you could ever imagine. Attracting new and life long customers without having to resort to the tyipical "Buffer Freeeeee, super duper IPTV" tactics used by most on social media. Just release your app to the world and let it do all the talking for you.

If you want to learn more about AVStream's Ultimate Plan and M3U playlist aggregator just click the button below.

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