QUIZ: Take the cartoons of the 80’s official quiz

I am an 80’s child. We didn’t have much to go at on the television back then but what we had seemed quality and left a lasting impression on my mind. How well do you know your 1980’s cartoons?

Take the test and find out!

  • Question of

    What cartoon was this character from?

    • Thundercats
    • He-Man
    • Transformers
    • Duck Tales
  • Question of

    Name the cartoon

    • Captain Planet
    • Bananaman
    • Jamie and the Magic Torch
    • Superted
  • Question of

    Name the character

    • Master Dungeon
    • Dungeon Master
    • Master of the Dungeon
    • Dungeon Lord
  • Question of

    What was his special power?

    • Fire
    • Earth
    • Wind
    • Water
    • Heart
  • Question of

    Who is this guy?

    • Shredder
    • Rocksteady
    • Beebop
    • Krang
  • Question of

    Superted had a sidekick, what was his name?

    • Dotty
    • Spotty
    • Botty
    • Lotty
    • Grotty
  • Question of

    Who is banana man?

    • Derrick
    • Eric
    • Cedric
    • Errol
  • Question of

    Go-Go gadget question! Name Inspector Gadgets dog.

    • Buster
    • Floppy
    • Fido
    • Brain
    • Rex
  • Question of

    What was the name of this cartoon?

    • G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
    • Voltron
    • Galaxy High
    • Snorks
    • Silverhawks

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