5 Unbelievable and scary things A.I Technology is doing right now!

The thing about curly hair is that it’s a toss-up

A.I is advancing at an alarming rate – most if not all of it is completely mind blowing and quite honestly terrifying. From self-driving cars to microchips implanted on brains, Elon Musk is one of our leading pioneers in the field and even he has some grave concerns about  A.I.

Let’s take a look at 9 of the most unbelievable things AI can do right now.

1. Hold a telephone call with a human

Recently Google wowed the world when it demonstrated it’s Google assistant booking an appointment at a hair salon and the human on the other end of the phone had no idea she was talking to a computer. Following that up is a restaurant booking phone call that goes slightly off-piste and how the Google assistant copes is crazy.
Imagine how easy future break ups are going to be with this kind of technology!

Watch the video below, guaranteed to blow your mind.

2. Learn and learn and learn until it wins!

Literally, as the title suggests. This experiment plays hide and seek in various computerized maps with some objects and set up strategies to see how long it takes the AI bots to work out what it had has to do to win. It not only does that but it goes one step further and breaks the game so that it can win faster.

iRobot is going to be a real problem for the future.

3. Create artwork better than most humans

ai generated artwork

Ok, here we have 4 pictures. 2 created by a human and 2 created by AI. The answer isn’t really that important because you just can’t tell. AI artwork has been selling for upwards of $500,000 which changes the artist landscape dramatically (pun intended). As we can see exquisite artwork will now only be in the idea and not the mastery of creation. A level playing field has been created but it won’t be long until the machines learn what humans consider as top quality artwork and create it on their own.

In case you are still wondering; A and D are AI. B and C are human.

4. Manual and repetitive tasks

Humans have always looked to innovation to make life easier. We probably wonder how we coped before washing machines, power tools and forklift trucks. In enough time we will wonder how we coped before robots. It’s already started to happen in Amazon warehouses with robotic helpers taking on the tasks of humans. They make less mistakes, can work 24/7 and they don’t complain or have a union rep. Deliveries, Taxi driving and every manual task you can think of is about to be replaced by robots. The only jobs for the time being will be in maintaining the robot work force – until of course, robots learn to fix themselves.

Watch “Inside Amazon’s Smart Warehouse”

5. Control your mind

Sounds crazy but your boy Elon is making such a system. Neuralink have been making chips that are implanted inside the head to assist in the control over the brain and therefore the body. The ethos behind the madness is to improve the lives of people with brain injuries, what the brain couldn’t do before it now can with the assistance of the implanted chip.

And that’s AI in a nutshell. There are more things going on, like Japans tower block sized Robot that looks like a transformer. At first glance it just looks like an all out killing machine for war, personally I can’t see what else that will be used for but it’s already moving around doing bits.

Thanks for reading and be ready for the era of robots.

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