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    Smart IPTV App has been banned

    Samsung Remove Smart IPTV app from it’s App StoreSamsung have stopped making Smart IPTV app available for download on their newer 2018 TV models. With the older models being primed for removal of Smart IPTV app via an over the air update. Smart IPTV app is nothing but a m3u playlist aggregator and is available […] More

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    Kodi Box Arrests – What you need to know to stay legal

    The recent arrests of people selling Kodi boxes “fully loaded” has made big news of late and it has certainly shook up the industry somewhat, which was in fact it’s intended purpose. We all know that FACT’s (Federation Against Copyright Theft) actions the other week do not stop piracy or even make a dent in […] More

  • VPN for amazon fire TV

    Make your IPTV work again with a VPN

    By Fiss Tops AVStream Dev Team The recommended VPN for IPTV & Kodi Too many people have no idea what an IPTV VPN is or how important it is to you. Basically a VPN will allow you to access areas of the Internet that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has blocked access to. Which is […] More

  • Kodi build Krypton Ready

    How to make your Kodi build Krypton ready the easy way

    It’s time you got your Kodi Build Krypton ready The time to change your Kodi build over to Krypton is now. You may or may or not have noticed that streaming providers, particularly the HD links, have been dropping off your Kodi 16.1 build. The reason for this is a shift in the security protocols […] More

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    What you need to know about Kodi Wizard builds

    Do you know what you’re doing to your Android device when you use Kodi Wizard builds? Probably not but they do all the work so you don’t have to and they’re free….or are they? The Kodi wizard builders come from all corners of the UK the three main ones your hear about in the Facebook […] More

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    AVStream just made the winning platform for IPTV sellers

    NEW m3u playlist aggregator and it’s the best yet!AVStream have done it again with a totally unique spin on a product for IPTV sellers and re-sellers. Not only does this Android App for IPTV sellers look and playback amazingly well but you can also edit and change the display images regardless of what has been […] More

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    Create your own Kodi Addon

    CREATE YOUR OWN ADDON Create a simple playlist addon. Great for live M3U playlists and M3U On Demand media. Edit and update in real time using cloud storage. YOU WILL NEED Cloud storage, we again recommend GitHub for this. The PlayList Loader Addon VLC player and a source for links (which we will provide). DIFFICULTY […] More

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