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    Create your own Kodi Addon

    CREATE YOUR OWN ADDON Create a simple playlist addon. Great for live M3U playlists and M3U On Demand media. Edit and update in real time using cloud storage. YOU WILL NEED Cloud storage, we again recommend GitHub for this. The PlayList Loader Addon VLC player and a source for links (which we will provide). DIFFICULTY […] More

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    Amazon Fire TV Stick hack

    Fire TV stick hack to access unlimited FREE streams Set up simply and in around 5 minutes You will need Amazon Fire TV Stick. Android mobile device. Tablet or phone. Amazon account. Step one – Connect your Fire TV Stick to the TV Plug the provided USB lead in to the USB socket on your […] More

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    Smart IPTV App has been banned

    Samsung Remove Smart IPTV app from it’s App StoreSamsung have stopped making Smart IPTV app available for download on their newer 2018 TV models. With the older models being primed for removal of Smart IPTV app via an over the air update. Smart IPTV app is nothing but a m3u playlist aggregator and is available […] More

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    IPTV selling is it worth it?

    Do you want to sell IPTV?Selling IPTV has become a hot ticket for many reasons. It’s simple to get in to, requires very little funding to get started and the market is huge. There are some risks depending on what you sell but it seems that these risks and their consequential punishments are not enough […] More

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    Is your Live Football blocked?

    UK Live Football Blocked For some months now in the UK the English Premier League have been blocking IP addresses linked to streaming as and when they’re content is aired. The game of cat and mouse has well and truly begun. Blocking IP addresses is nothing new. It has been happening for years and has […] More

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    Appy Version 2 Download

    We love to create tools for Android Device Retailers. Our passion is making the complex areas of Android Streaming accessible to all. Helping you sell more Android TV Devices by automating tasks and keeping everything simple. Appy version 2 does all of that and more. Find out more about Appy Share Think Design Refine Appy […] More

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