Free Download Appy Version 5

Appy is the only application you will ever need on your Android Device or Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Full of everything you will ever need, all in one place.

No side loading or plugging in external devices to get the content, everything has been done for you in Appy!

It combines

  • 50 of the very best Kodi Builds ready to install, totally free, without force closing. All ported from the and updated daily.
  • Retro Gaming gaming platform so you can play Mario Kart and all the classic nostalgic games on your Android Device
    Play SNES, N64, Playstation, MAME and SEGA on Android with Appy
  • IPTV Premium services for those that want a guaranteed Live TV and on demand service. Purchase is not required but can be made in the app for near instant activation. Comes with a FREE 24 hour trial.
    IPTV on Appy Android
  • Custom Applications for streaming and entertainment. No need to side load. You can install them right from our home screen and start using them right away.
    Access the best Android Apps
  • A built in private VPN so you can browse and stream in complete safety without your ISP knowing your online activity
    Appy has a built in VPN

The best part, this app is 100% FREE

It’s free to download and it’s free to use. Exactly how streaming orientated applications should be.

The only optional payment is the premium IPTV service should you wish to use it, but all users get a free 24 hour access pass just as a thank you for using Appy.

We created this application as an evaluation product because our business is Android development. We do not cash in on Kodi users, that isn’t what we are about. What we do is develop apps for Android TV Box retailers and appy is your chance to see what we can do with Android Entertainment and Kodi. Join us on AVStream to find out more

Download Appy version 5 today from it’s official source

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