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Technical support for our evaluation app "Appy"

Appy was designed and developed by AVS. Click here to have your own app developed.

Installing the APK & activation

Before installing Appy you must allow the installation of apps from unknown sources in the settings of your device.

Once done head back and install Appy.

Activating App with your email address

Once the intro video loads you will be asked to enter your email address. Your email address will be verified with a pin number sent to your entered address. If you don’t see the verify email in your inbox check your spam folder. If you still can’t find the email you may have entered your email address incorrectly in to appy. Launch Appy select the re enter email address button to try again.

Accessing Appy

Welcome to appy! You’ve verified your e-mail address and after a brief intro video Appy will load to this screen.

Appy avstream home screen help

(1) The Main Menu | (2) Time & Date | (3) Information Area | (4) Menu Content Area

This is the Home Screen and when Appy loads for the first time this is pretty much what you will see.

At the top of the screen is (1) the main menu. Press left or right on your remote to access the different areas of the main menu. Left will take you to search, which we will cover later. Right takes you through the menu items starting with Appy Gold. Under the main menu you will notice different information as you navigate through Appy. The (3) Information Area can be selected and in this case will bring you straight here. (4) Menu Content Area will be blank if you’re new to Appy. This area will be populated by the things you use the most once you start using the software. You can also add favourites to this area which we will cover later in the guide.

Appy Gold

Appy Gold is an optional extra service run by a third party that connects you to a private m3u playlist. Once Appy Gold is active your screen will look like the image below.

Navigate Appy

(1) The Main Menu | (2) Information Area | (3) Content Area

Pressing down on your remote brings you in to (2) Information Area, you will notice a slight flicker of the area and that let’s you know that you’re in the Information Area. Pressing OK on your remote here will take you to the weekly sports guide. Press down again takes you in to (3) Content Area.

Appy Gold - Content Area

Now you’re in the content area for Appy Gold you can navigate the rows and options by pressing right or down. The content will scroll left and right. Press OK on the item you wish to select. Pressing Up when in the very top row or back/return will bring you back in to the main menu. (1) Let’s you know which menu you are in followed by the date your m3u playlist expired.

Buy Appy Gold

(1) Selected Main Menu Item | (2) Content Area

If you choose to select something from the Content Area your sub menu options will appear on the next screen. Navigate through your options in the (3) Content Area. Your current option will be populated in (2) Information Area with TV guide information next to the option image.

(1) Selected Main Menu Item | (2) Information Area | (3) Content Area

Anything you select to play from the Live or 24/7 options of Appy Gold will appear in your Home menu as recently played items so that you can access them faster in the future.
On demand movie content can be added to the Home menu by holding OK while your option is selected. This will bring up a message just press (1) OK to confirm.


(1) OK to add favourite

To create a favourite of an on demand item that has more than on episode such as TV Shows just press and hold (1) OK on the image of the item before you get to the series select screen.

To navigate through episodes of a particular TV Show use the left hand side to (2) select a Season and press right on your remote to (3) choose your episode. Episodes my scroll further than the display, they may not all be in view, in which case press down in the Episodes section to bring them in to view.


The applications menu is home to all the apps that we think you should have. Separated in to genres so they’re easy to find. If the app is installed on your device then Appy will launch it. If the app is not on your device then Appy will download it for you so it is ready to use.
UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT on your keypad will navigate through the content.

The Kodi Hub

The Kodi section is free and from here you can access all the best builds from the KodiHub using their API. All the content is automatically collected from the Kodi Hub every 24 hours and will change with each update to stay current. Use your remote arrows to navigate through the content and select any of the builds to use.

Once you have selected your build you will see an on screen message asking if you would like to (1) Launch the option you already have installed or (2) Install the option you have selected. By pressing (2) Install Appy will download and install this build generating you a second message asking if you would like to Launch the build Yes or carry on using appy No. By Choosing Yes you will launch in to the Kodi media player and start using your build. Exiting Kodi will bring you back to Appy.

Retro Gaming

The next menu option is Gaming. In this menu you can play a host of classic arcade and console games directly on your device using the relevant emulator. A bluetooth gamepad will be handy for the die hards.

(1) Launch/Download Emulator | (2) Select a Game Genre

Emulators use ROM’s, in this situation ROM’s means games. Select a game and Appy will download it for you and then ask you if you want to play it now. If you do then Appy will launch or download the required Emulator. Generally you will need to locate the game you just downloaded. There will usually be an option to Load Game or ROM. Just navigate to your downloads folder and look for console named folder for example Sega.

(1) Information Area | (2) Content Area


There may be a time when you need to access your devices settings or your list of installed applications or anything that you expect to be able to control in an Android Device. Use the Settings menu item to access your built in VPN or any of the other settings options. Your selected option will highlight once ready to select.

(1) Built in VPN | (2) Network Settings | (3) Installed Apps | (4) App Management | (5) Device Settings

Appy VPN

In today’s current climate it is very important to protect your online identity and activity. It is equally important to access URL’s that have been blocked from a High Court Order. To be able to do this there is a built in VPN. When you use this option your data will be secure and 100% private.

From the settings menu select the VPN shield to open the VPN options. The cost of Appy VPN is the cheapest available for a private VPN connection at £1.50 per month. Once signed up your Username and Password will be emailed to you. Enter them in (2) the login area and click (3) Remember my login details so that you don’t have to keep entering your details every time you want to connect. Then just select (1) The image of the white shield to connect to Appy VPN.

(1) Click to connect | (2) Login Area | (3) Sign Up to VPN | (4) Recover login details | (5) Cancel VPN subscription

Once connected the (1) Connecting Status Bar will be all blue with the above message “Connected”. Click the (2) VPN Shield to disconnect from the VPN at any time or just keep pressing back to use Appy in totally privacy.

(1) Connecting Status | (2) Click to disconnect

Populated Home Menu

You’ve used Appy a little and added some favorites to the Home menu. Pressing back on the remote will eventually always bring you to the (1) Home menu. Treat this like any other menu option of Appy. Press down twice to enter the content and navigate UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT to select the content.

(1) Home Menu | (2) Favorites | (3) Recent Live Content | (4) Recent Kodi Builds

Search on Appy

Whenever you’re at the Home menu if you press left you will enter the search feature. (1) Enter your search text in the text area and pressed enter. Appy will search through all Kodi builds, Live TV channels, Apps and on demand content. The (2) search results will be displayed below the text area and will be categorized in to the sections where they came from. From here just select the correct item that fits your search and it will start from this position.

(1) Enter Search Text | (2) Search Results


I didn’t receive my appy email pin?

Check your spam/bulk mailbox. If you still don’t see your email then double check in appy that you entered your email address correctly. You can re enter your email address or try a different email address by clicking on the “Change E-mail Address” option in appy.
The last thing you can do is whitelist in your mailbox settings. Search Google on how to do this for your mail provider.

My Appy Gold is not activating

If you’ve just signed up then it may take at least 12 hours before you’re activated. Usually it is a lot less but sometimes it can take this long. If 12 hours has passed then try restarting appy and seeing if it opens on restart. Alternatively you can e-mail the service provider directly using

Appy VPN not connecting

If you follow the steps in the user guide for connecting to the VPN and you still can’t connect you may benefit from one of two thing. Firstly double check that you are entering the username and password correctly. Both are case sensitive and if any uppercase letters are entered then you will not be able to connect. The second thing to try is restart Appy, restart your router and try connecting again. If you’ve forgotten your login details you can request them in the VPN section.
You can only use the VPN on the device you purchased it from. Each device you own will need it’s own subscription to the VPN.

Live Football not opening in Appy Gold

You will need Appy VPN turned on to access the live matches. If your VPN is on and you still do not have access try restarting your router and device before trying again. Just remember to turn your VPN on before you start viewing.

Live Channel freezing

In Appy if you experience freezing you need to just sit it out and be patient. Appy will keep buffering the live feed until there is enough in memory to support a continuous playback. If the problem persists try restarting your router and your device.