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Technical support for our evaluation app "Appy"

Installing the APK & activation

Allow the installation of third party apps “unknown sources” in your device settings.

Launch your downloaded APK and select install. Once complete select open.

Enter your email address in to the text area to get your activation pin.

In a short while your pin will be sent to the email address you entered. Input your pin in to the next text area and select activate.
If you didn’t receive your pin number check your bulk mailbox or whitelist our email address and try again.

Once Appy has loaded and you have watched the intro video you will be asked to select a Media Player.

Choice of Appy Media Center

The first option is built from Kodi 16.1 and will work on 90% of devices. Option 2 is build from SPMC and will work on all device Android OS 5.0 and above. If at any time you wish to swap media players just uninstall the Appy Media Player from your device and re launch Appy.

The home screen & the bottom bar

There are 2 sections to the home screen. The grid and the bottom bar.

Appy Version 3

The grid comprises of 8 selection options. These options can and will change dynamically over time. The title of grid will indicate it’s function. Some grid sections have sub sections that we will discuss later in this guide.

The bottom bar consists of up to 11 android applications.

Each option can be launched directly from the home screen. Don’t worry if you don’t have the app offered in the bottom bar, appy will download and install any apps that you do not currently have on the device the first time you select it.

The 7 different functions of the main screen

App Launch. This works in the same way as the bottom bar. We choose an app and offer it to you. If the app is not already present on your device it will be downloaded and installed before being opened.

Predominately we use this feature for a direct launch to our streaming media player “Appy Media Center”

IPTV premium is the place for the live TV and sports purist. In this section you can buy access to our Live IPTV platform in the app from the sub section once selected.

The sub section allows you to login to the IPTV premium platform after you have taken one of the 3 tariffs. Every user gets 1 free 24 hour trial per device.

The apps section is basically the place to access all the applications installed on your device.

This is important since Appy can be used as a home screen launcher and there will always be a need for you to access your apps.

If you want to find some great Kodi builds then use the builds section.

This will open a sub section in a 5 x 2 layout of all the available builds for you to use free of charge. A notification icon will be displayed above the builds that have been updated since you last checked the Kodi builds.

If you like retro gaming then you will love the gaming section. From here you can play a host of retro console games directly on your android device.

This option will open a sub section to reveal the available gaming platforms. Just select one to download that console, once installed press done and then select yes to download the games pack.

Settings means your device settings. There are no actual settings for Appy.

Again this option is important in case you need to remove appy as the home screen launcher or for any other Android setting changes that you may need to make.

Technically this is a HTML page launch button but we like to call it the help and information option. Click the option and a web based page will launch.

The title of the grid section will help you understand what you will be launching with the help and information function.


IPTV theme not launching after logging in.

If this happens to you simply turn off your device and then back on. Try to login. If the problem persists keep trying this power off and on method.

TV Guide “No program available”

This is normally down to the fact that we are yet to upload the new program data. All the channels in the TV guide will work but you just won’t be able to see what is on. Periodically refresh the guide by closing it and opening it. Soon enough the new data will appear.

Appy Media Center closing down

Uninstall the Appy Media Center app.
Exit Appy and re launch Appy.
Choose the other media player option from the list.
Install and then press done.
Then try again by installing a build from the builds section or IPTV.

IPTV channels buffering or not loading

From time to time these things can happen. Most of the issues can be resolved simply by checking your internet speed, 10mb/s in the minimum requirement.
Power off and on to your router and try again.
Failing this contact us with the information but please include the channel name that is causing you the problem.

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