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    Police serve IPTV users C&D notices

    Police use pirate IPTV service to display a warning message to subscribers following the arrest of a 24-year-old man in the UK in June. The UK IPTV police are now serving thousands of GE Hosting’s subscribers with cease-and-desist notices, referencing theoretical prosecutions under the Fraud Act. A New Tactic Employed by UK IPTV PoliceFor the first time […] More

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    Why do people that sell IPTV keep making the same mistakes?

    Sell IPTV

    It’s always a shock when another IPTV seller gets arrested, closed down or dragged through the court until they’re finances have been bled dry (naming no names). It’s not the sensational headline that shocks me, it’s the fact that nobody seems to be learning any lessons here. Why are IPTV sellers not learning? More

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    5 things you didn’t know your Fire Stick could do

    Are you using your device to its full capacity? Your Fire TV device is capable of doing much more than just streaming from Kodi or Snapp, let me introduce you to 5 amazing features of the Fire TV stick that you probably didn’t know about. More

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    How to buy BitCoin

    The common myth that buying bitcoin is hard isn’t really the truth and in actual fact it is very simple. We are going to deconstruct the steps and explain them in their simplest of terms. Then you will see it really is simple. More

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    Snapp v1.6 Released

    2 huge features get rolled out in version 1.6 of Snapp. Find out what they are and what else has been improved in what is fast becoming the choice app for cord cutters. More

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    IPTV selling is it worth it?

    IPTV Selling

    Do you want to sell IPTV?Selling IPTV has become a hot ticket for many reasons. It’s simple to get in to, requires very little funding to get started and the market is huge. There are some risks depending on what you sell but it seems that these risks and their consequential punishments are not enough […] More

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    This new IPTV app is mind blowing

    Snapp app reviewed

    Snapp IPTV that’s smarter than SmartersThat’s the slogun we are finding in the Play Store for the latest Android IPTV app Snapp by AVStream so we wanted to check it out. It’s been almost 3 years since we have seen a new release from AVS and from the looks of things they have been busy. […] More

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    Which Android Box should I buy?

    The lost world of Android TV Box jargonYou’re in the market for a new Android TV box and you have no idea of the one you really need. The first searches on Google, Amazon or eBay can be quite daunting when the Tsunami of “Uber Mega Super Kodi Boxes” first washes over you. In truth […] More

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    AVStream just made the winning platform for IPTV sellers

    NEW m3u playlist aggregator and it’s the best yet!AVStream have done it again with a totally unique spin on a product for IPTV sellers and re-sellers. Not only does this Android App for IPTV sellers look and playback amazingly well but you can also edit and change the display images regardless of what has been […] More

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    Smart IPTV App has been banned

    IPTV User? Have you tried Snapp yet? The best new IPTV media player for Android. Click here to learn more. PS: It’s free 🙂 Samsung Remove Smart IPTV app from it’s App StoreSamsung have stopped making Smart IPTV app available for download on their newer 2018 TV models. With the older models being primed for […] More

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    Make any app launch on start up on your Amazon Fire Stick

    choose the app to start with Amazon Fire loads

    Amazon’s closed system can be annoyingRemember back in the day when FireStarter was the apk of choice so you could have some level of control over your Amazon Fire TV Stick or Amazon Fire TV Box. It was a great little app but the great powers that be decided to block the apk because they […] More

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    Take control of your m3u playlist with AVStream Software

    NEW m3u playlist aggregator and it’s the best yet!AVStream have done it again. The innovation on this one is absolutely mind blowing and will appeal to the new wave of streaming retailers who no longer sell physical goods who have started making anonymous money through IPTV sales and in app purchases. The Android TV Box […] More

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