Why do people that sell IPTV keep making the same mistakes?


What’s wrong with people that sell IPTV?

Another IPTV seller closed down. Another IPTV seller is in court. The cat v mouse saga rages on all over Torrentfreak week after week. When I read these articles I am always asking myself the same question; Why did they just make the same mistake as the last guys?

What is it with IPTV sellers? Is going to court the only chance they'll get to wear their favourite suit? I have no idea but I am putting it down to they just simply know no better.

I am going to break down the costly mistakes they make and offer some alternatives.

If you’re going to use social media don’t do this

Your mind is made up, John on Facebook is making a killing selling ten billion Live TV channels in a higher definition than the human eye can handle to everyone you know, so you're going to get in to it. Afterall, money is tight and this is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Unfortunately it isn't as easy as that and John is taking a huge risk publicly displaying his intentions on Facebook. This leaves a horrible digital footprint of what John does and links John's location, friends, family and place of work to anyone wanting to find him. 

Social media is a great selling platform but you have to be savvy. Set up a false profile with a false gmail or yahoo email address and always connect via a VPN. Keep this account as disconnected from your real life as possible.

Do not sell IPTV online

If I were looking to take down IPTV sellers the first thing I would do is search Google for IPTV sellers, find the ones that are selling online with an online merchant account, usually PayPal and then buy from them. 9 times out of 10 I am going to get a name and an address of the seller. That's so easy it's madness to think that people still do this, but, they do.

Now you're wondering how crazy I am because I've just cut the legs out of the income.

You could use crypto currency instead but nobody uses that.

The only way to stay totally unfound and to make sales is through applications with payment gateways. When a sale is made through an application there is no HTML page sitting on the web saying what is being sold and the item description and receipt can be doctored.

Use AVStream service for this

You can have a website but you can’t do this

Of course you can sell IPTV and have a website. If you didn't you'd not get very far but what you have to be very careful of is what you say on the website.

Tickbox TV were made an example of with this very mistake described as "Their communication with the public" basically saying "Buy this and you can get free movies and TV without going through the official methods to save yourself a fortune." You can't do that if you do then you added some pretty indefensible evidence to your demise. 

Have a website that offers your application for free download to view your IPTV on, as described above, charge for access in the application but do not explicitly say what the users are getting on your website.

Stop handing out full M3U URLs and be wary of Smarters

Yep, this is another one of those things where you're questioning my sanity. It is a fact though that the people trying to close down IPTV providers will pose as a new customer, buy your IPTV, take your M3U URL and then close down your server because you just gave them it's exact location.

But you can use a Smarters custom app right? Nope, your M3U URL just got even easier to find and in fact they wouldn't even need to buy access from you to get your server details. APKTool would disassemble that APK in seconds and your servers location is sitting pretty in the files.

Use a service similar to Snapp, where your IPTV server URL is encrypted and tokenized. Your users would only need your Snapp Code (token) and the IPTV username and password for access. All the details found here Sell IPTV using Snapp 
You can also attach your Plex server content with Snapp so it makes it great for combining all your services in to one and keeping all your data secure.

Here’s the rundown

To summarize the post with all the takeaways;

  • Don't post publicly on Social Media, use a false profile.
  • Be careful with where and how you describe your services.
  • Use an app with in-app payments to charge users for your service.
  • Stop handing out your M3U URL, use apps that do not embed your server data in them.

These things will not guarantee your safety selling IPTV services but they will make you harder to find and stop. When you make life hard for anyone trying to shackle you they will generally move on to easier prey, like John from Facebook 🙂

Take care out there.

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