5 things you didn’t know your Fire Stick could do

The Amazon Fire TV Stick

Who doesn't love the Amazon Fire TV Stick? It just hits on every level. It might not be the most powerful Android streaming device in the world but it's affordable, hides behind your TV, comes with a great remote and you can carry it in your pocket.

Since its birth in April 2014 the Amazon devices have gone from strength to strength with the latest addition boasting 4k resolution support and a live TV recording feature, with over 34 million Fire TV sales it is the most popular Android TV device ever made.

But, are you using your device to it's full capacity? Your Fire TV device is capable of doing much more than just streaming from Kodi or Snapp, let me introduce you to 5 amazing features of the Fire TV stick that you probably didn't know about.

Number 1 Screen Mirroring

Your Fire TV Stick is capable of mirroring your mobile device direct on to your TV. Just like the chromecast but way easier.

To cast from your mobile to your TV in 3 easy steps;


Step One

Enter the settings menu on the Fire TV and select Display & Sounds


Step Two

From the next set of option select Enable Display Mirroring


Your Fire Stick will display a waiting screen while it waits for the casting device to connect with it.

Step Three

On your device drag down from the top of the screen and select Smart View


Your device will search for your Fire TV Stick and automatically connect. You can now view your mobile content directly on your TV.

Number 2 Parental Controls

Amazon allows you to place Parental Controls on your Amazon Prime Instant account or apps installed onto your Fire TV device. Not only does this keep your kids from accessing inappropriate content, but it also means you shouldn’t end up with any surprise payments.

While a device-level setting for Parental Controls will cover all Amazon content on your device, you’ll still need to set one individually for other apps such as Netflix.

Number 3 Reset An App without uninstalling it

We've all been there. Kodi, TeaTV or any app you can think of just starts acting a little weird. You've tried the on / off thing that solves 99% of problems but that doesn't solve it.

Next, uninstall and reinstall is your next option. 

But there is a better way. The Android OS carries an option in it that allows you to reset any app on your device back to it's default settings, just like a brand new install. It's called clearing app data.

Go to the device settings from the top bar menu and select Applications

From the next set options choose Manage Installed Applications

Select the app you want to reset from the list of installed applications and from the next set options choose Clear App Data

You will be asked to confirm. Once confirmed the application will be fully reset to its default state. 

Number 4 Attach your bluetooth earphones

You know what it's like when there's too much external noise and you're trying to watch something. It's annoying. You can either turn on subtitles or you can actually pair your bluetooth headset with your Amazon Fire TV device.

Step 1. Put Headphone on 'Pairing Mode'
Switch on your 'Bluetooth Headphones' and put them on 'Pairing Mode'.

Step 2. Click on ‘Settings’ on Fire TV
On your Fire TV, scroll to ‘Settings’ and click on it.

Step 3. Click on ‘Controllers and Bluetooth Devices’
In the ‘Settings’ menu, click on ‘Controllers and Bluetooth Devices’.Step 4. Select ‘Other Bluetooth Devices’

In the ‘Controllers and Bluetooth Devices’ select the ‘Other Bluetooth Devices’.

Step 5. Click on the ‘Name of Your Device’

Once in the ‘Other Bluetooth Devices’ menu you have to look for the name of your headphones in the ‘Discovered Devices’ list. Click on it and wait for pairing to complete.

If you do not find the name of your device on the list, check if your Bluetooth headphones are switched on and in the pairing mode and retry.

Number 5 Use your Smartphone to control your Fire TV Stick

Very handy little tip. My sofa has a serious appetite for remotes so this final tip comes in handy for me when I don't fancy dipping my hands in to the horrible depths of a sofa.

Get on to your app store and search for Amazon Fire TV.

Install the Amazon Fire TV app and make sure your smartphone is connected to the same wifi as the device rather than mobile data. The app will connect with the Fire Stick and you can start using your phone as your remote control.

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