IPTV selling is it worth it?

IPTV Selling

Do you want to sell IPTV?

Selling IPTV has become a hot ticket for many reasons. It's simple to get in to, requires very little funding to get started and the market is huge.

There are some risks depending on what you sell but it seems that these risks and their consequential punishments are not enough to discourage a potential provider.

IPTV Panel
The Xtream Codes IPTV sellers panel

We estimated over 50 million people are using alternative or black market IPTV providers to watch live TV around the world. Which backs up the point that IPTV providers are not put off by the risk of legal action, very similar to the drugs trade. Where there is a market there will be suppliers.

How do you start to sell IPTV?

There are 2 ways;

  1. As a provider (you pay for the servers, the CMS panel and the channels)

  2. As a reseller (You pay someone else for "credits" which give access to a providers service)

As a provider you would need to pay for at least one server, some IPTV content and a CMS panel. The start up costs here are going to around the $1500.00 mark with monthly overheads from as little as $1000.00/month.

As reseller the start up costs are up to you. You have no control over the content and you are not responsible for the running of servers or the CMS panel. A provider would sell you credits which would allow you to sell access to the service. Sell for more than you pay and you're in the game.

The legal challenges of selling IPTV

Firstly the majority of these endeavours are illegal and carry a custodial sentence if deemed appropriate by the courts. Mostly it's a fine and a suspended sentence but the chance of losing your libitery is very real and should be a risk that you should consider.

The amount of people in jail through selling IPTV is a small margin of the amount actively selling. You're not a threat to society but a threat to the income of some very powerful companies who will outspend you in the courts leaving you very little option but to accept defeat and cough up a substantial fine.

Mitigate the risk of selling IPTV

There are some things that you can do to make yourself harder to bring down;

  • Do not sell on a website that advertises "Free Pay TV" or anything similar.
  • Set up private domain registerings
  • Accept cryptocurrency
  • Avoid using Smarters, Perfect Player or any product that means you have to give your users a full m3u URL or Plex IP address.
  • Consider only selling FTA "free-to-air" packages
  • Use telegram as a method of customer support
  • Stay faceless and nameless with customers and admin staff

The methods used to find you here are not witchcraft. Very simple google searches for website content, payment details when buying a subscription, social media support groups, domain registration names and M3U URLs that reveal your IPTV server location. 

You have to tighten up your ship. Smarters has to go, the main app and even if you have had one custom made because your server details will either be in the M3U URL or they will be embedded in the application and obtaining them would take minutes. When you give this away the game is as good as over.

How can I distribute my IPTV content?

Fortunately you do have some options here. If you are on a smaller budget you can set up as an IPTV reseller with Snapp. Snapp is a Plex and IPTV media player that uses secure tokens to connect a user to the content rather than giving away your servers URL via M3U playlist. Everything is hidden in a backend and never sees the end user or the media player. Best of all if you want to change your DNS to the IPTV server you can do so in the backend rather than requiring some tech support or developer to step in.

Snapp App on the Play Store
Snapp XC IPTV provider & reseller sign up

If you have a little more to play with you can commision your own software to be developed. AVStream have some off-the-shelf products that will do everything you need and also include a built in VPN connection giving you another product to make some cash on.

AVStream White Label Apps for IPTV providers


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