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This new IPTV app is mind blowing

Snapp, the latest IPTV app from AVStream is well worth looking at

Snapp app reviewed

Snapp IPTV that’s smarter than Smarters

That's the slogun we are finding in the Play Store for the latest Android IPTV app Snapp by AVStream so we wanted to check it out. It's been almost 3 years since we have seen a new release from AVS and from the looks of things they have been busy.

Snapp IPTV App

Snapp is currently in Early Access mode in the Google Play Store and can't be accessed at the moment by conventional search methods.

AVS have been developing a series of Android lauchers and Applications for the past 7 years that tie in with a client backend panel allowing Android retailers and App distributors to edit their products content on the fly without updating the physical APK. They've been doing this for some time and Snapp appears to be version 6 of their Android TV philosophy. 

Download Snapp IPTV App review

Downloading from the Play Store on this link

Nothing spectacular about the download and install of the app. One thing we did notice is that the Early Release version of Snapp is not compatible with mobile devices. We will push the APK to a Fire Stick for testing using Easy Fire Tools, there are other apps that do the same thing but I like this one.

Snapp on Fire Stick

Pushing Snapp to Amazon Fire TV Stick

Let's start the first launch of Snapp.

Launching Snapp

On first launch we register our email address in to Snapp and wait to receive the activation email.

Snapp Home Screen

After activating the link in the email we set up our account on and upload our m3u_plus playlist. I used a dummy playlist here. Nothing plays but the structure is the same as real IPTV M3U playlist.

All done.

As a reviewer I had full Pro access. I could organise our channel list as per this video so that the channel list output suited me further. Having separate groups for Movies, Sports and normal TV is very handy plus being able to move the actual channels around I can have my favourite ones at the very top.

Now let's go back to the Fire Stick and the Snapp app.

All set up, let’s use Snapp

The initial set up, including using the Pro features took around 5 minutes to get through. We used the help guide that seems to only be available to Pro users. One tip I will say is make sure it's the right playlist type, you need to make sure that you use the one with m3u_plus in the URL. The bog standard m3u one doesn't have enough data with it to populate Snapp for a feature rich experience.

The app on first launch takes a little time to load, maybe 45 seconds and you don't see an awful lot on your first visit. The home screen looks great though, just like Android TV, main menu across the top with a sub menu on the left side. All of which can be adjusted in the app to create the perfect menu order for you.

Double tap on a main menu option to launch the EPG. This is very interesting since we didn't have to upload an EPG URL at any point. Let's see...

Snapp Tv Guide

Somehow we have a full EPG with program imaging preview. That's pretty amazing since this isn't using anything I submitted for the content. That's very good news since depending on others for an EPG url or making your own isn't a pretty task.

After some use we return to the main menu and now we can start to see the home screen populating with data, what I just watched, what others are watching and what's trending. This will be good for quick launching in to the things I like most.

After some use Snapp is pretty amazing.

Let's wrap up the review;

  • Free & Pro accounts
  • Includes private VPN access built in to the app
  • Allows free movement of channels and channel groups
  • Parses VOD in to feature rich content and separates from Live content 
  • Predictive search engine of your content
  • Merges Plex and M3U IPTV
  • Can include up to 3 different playlists in to one output
  • Subtitles
  • Secure API token system for viewing content
  • Transfers all content to other devices easily
  • Full EPG without having to submit any EPG data

The future of Snapp

The first release of Snapp looks great and based what information we have it sounds like the future is very bright too with some pretty cool updates to be rolled out after this initial release.

I loved everything about it. The display is great, easy to use and full of content. The EPG is amazing and having a built in VPN makes a lot of sense. Having the control over the playlist and being able to re order it exactly how I want it was something a lot of the other products don't have but yet I feel it's very important to have. Above all the best part for me was the ability to fuse my IPTV from M3U with my Plex content in to one seamless output.

You should definitely give Snapp a try, for me it knocks the spots off everything else and I have tried them all.

Download Snapp from Google Play Store

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