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AVStream just made the winning platform for IPTV sellers

NEW m3u playlist aggregator and it’s the best yet!

AVStream have done it again with a totally unique spin on a product for IPTV sellers and re-sellers. Not only does this Android App for IPTV sellers look and playback amazingly well but you can also edit and change the display images regardless of what has been set by the playlist provider.

It may start to get a little confusing if you don't know anything about IPTV and m3u playlists but if you have a basic understanding then you will already know that when you are trying to sell a premium IPTV service you are held back by a few things and the software is one of them.

AVStream have changed the IPTV game

The first and biggest problem right now is sales. How do you make new sales without drawing too much attention to yourself? The recent demise of SETV and TickBox TV should be enough for you to realize that you can not advertise on the net. If you do then you're a flashing beacon to ACE and anyone else looking to take you to court. Other software developers don't care about this problem that you have for selling your product, they also don't care that your app is going to look identical to the next 500 that they sell because they're all based entirely on what the IPTV playlist looks like. 

That's where AVStream is different. AVStream quickly identified that IPTV providers don't always upload the correct channel logo's or the logo's may be of very poor quality. They also noticed the trend in companies ending up in court over their bold advertising campaigns on the net.

With the custom m3u playlist by AVStream you can control not only the logo images but also the group title images and the order of the channel groups. M3U playlist are organised by group-titles. Each group-title has a name and that name becomes a menu option. In Kodi or other Android IPTV apps these simply look like long lists of text and they're ordered in the order that they appear in the playlist. Very limiting and horrible to look at.

IPTV sellerHow your IPTV playlist looks in all other Android Apps and Kodi 

AVStream’s Ultimate Plan with custom m3u playlist is different

With AVStream software you can create a group title image and order the groups however you want. You aren't stuck with a horrible text based list and you aren't stuck with the order of the group-titles either. You can even separate group titles from other group titles so that you can create a menu for Live TV, a menu for Sports and a menu for 24/7 channels. 

The end product is a clean and simple to use interface that resembles the interface of the Amazon Fire TV menu.

IPTV Seller Android App

But my playlist has Movies and TV Shows as well as Live TV

Movies and TV Shows are also handled and again in a much better way.

Normally you might get a long list of the of the on demand content in your bog standard IPTV player app or in Kodi. If you're lucky your provider may have added a few of the poster images but what you tend to find is that is all you get. Just some images and absolutely no organisation of the content.

The AVStream solution uses an API that will read your entire IPTV playlist, parse the Movies and TV Shows, and then, via the IMDB api it will attach the correct poster image, add the title description and organise all the content in to genre, displaying it in release date order for Movies and alphabetical order for TV shows. All this is pretty amazing but what it also does is update every 48 hours so that when your provider adds new content the new content will be available in your app without you having to do a thing!

That's not all, there is either:

  • Now & Next TV guide
    Perfect to see what is on any live channel and what is due to start.
  • Users can pay for access as an in-app payment
    Avoid online selling detection by having your customers sign up in your app. The payment goes directly to you and you add them in your panel.
  • Users do not input their own username and passwords
    Take away 100% of the issue when users get their credential wrong. The user buys from you and you activate their device in the back end "Appy Zone" they never need to know their username or password.
  • Automated emails for activation and close expiry date
    As soon as you activate a new user they are sent an email letting them know that their access has been granted. They launch your app and 'voila' they have access to your content. As their expire date comes close another email will be sent to them to let them know. This helps renewals by over 67%. 

Everything has been considered and everything has been done to give you the perfect IPTV selling platform.

If you want to learn more about AVStream's Ultimate Plan and M3U playlist aggregator just click the button below.

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