The great Digibit VPN scam that you need to know about

Is everything what it seems with Digibit VPN?

First of all I have never tried Digibit VPN so I can't comment to you on how reliable it is and what it can do for you. That's not what this is about.

This is about where you need to look for Digitbit VPN reviews and where to look for advice because there is very devious group set up on Facebook that's manipulating it's popularity to gain income from DigiBit VPN app sales. I don't see any problem with using a groups popularity to push sales, that's the whole idea but when unsuspecting users are asking for impartial advice about VPN systems they are setting loose the DigiBit goons to sway the user in to signing up.

I hate calling anyone out or saying one service is rubbish because 9 times out of 10 peoples intentions are good but when the issue is a moral one you just have to speak out.

If you’re a member of this group, don’t ask about a VPN

It seems that whenever a user has general questions about a VPN and whether they need one in the KODI UK.TV General Support & Community Group all you will get is DigiBit rammed home to you.

DigiBit Facebook Scam

The post that started this thread was simply "Who does and does not use a VPN", you mention VPN and BANG they're all over you. Notice how the salesmen in this thread is a a member of the Admin team in the group.

And in this post the question was "Do I need a VPN?" and release the goons! Same person posting again.

This is a group that is designed to help and support people using Kodi. It does not allow sales of any kind on it's page. Unless of course you're running the group and you see zero issues with having a conflict of interest with the user.

Seriously, we could have posted hundreds of images all of the same theme. One person is looking for help and all they get is Digibit drilled in to them.

It doesn’t stop there

So you might think that you would do the same. You have an app that makes money and a group with many members that might be interested in it so why wouldn't you try and make some money. I am all for that but they also employ some pretty under hand tactics too.

This post appeared yesterday. A member looking for impartial advice on a VPN. As expected the usual DigiBit party started but then this appeared and started to clock up the likes.

What do you think happened next?

DigiBit Facebook scam

The post got removed. It seems that you can't sell in this group unless you're in on the DigiBit VPN scam. If someone informs the user about what happening in the group and mention how bias they are towards there own product your message will be removed.

Surely, if you're running a group on the premise of helping people impartially with Kodi issues that states you can not sell or promote any service in this group you really shouldn't be force feeding unsuspecting users a VPN that in all honesty gets horrible reviews on the play store.

Digibit reviews

The only good ones we found were fake reviews. You will see that the names of the people leaving good reviews on the Play Store are also the same people that are pushing sales in the Facebook group. It's as transparent as the "Janitor" in Scooby Doo when you put the two together.

Where can you get an impartial review for DigiBit VPN?

The end game of this post is to simply inform you that you can not get a fair representation of the DigiBit VPN by looking in a facebook group. You will get a better impression by going to the play store but even here you will find that they have been using fake reviews to increase the rating of the app.

It's a hard call on where to look for the right information and legitimate reviews for Digibit. We have not used it so we can not say whether it is really good or whether all the bad reviews on the Play Store are correct. One thing we are certain of is that the tactics employed by Digibit are very under handed and you should know about this before you decide on parting with any money.

What do you think?

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