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Smart IPTV App has been banned

Samsung Remove Smart IPTV app from it’s App Store

Samsung have stopped making Smart IPTV app available for download on their newer 2018 TV models. With the older models being primed for removal of Smart IPTV app via an over the air update.

Smart IPTV app is nothing but a m3u playlist aggregator and is available to download on most platforms. You input your m3u playlist and the Smart IPTV app will display it's content in a very nice interface.

The app comes with no content. Users add their own content which makes the software 100% legal. In the same way Kodi is, they are both designed to do a job but they have the potential to stream illegal content should the user choose to use the system that way. It has always raised a few eyebrows, just like Kodi but the app itself is legal.

Why has Smart IPTV App been banned?

It all comes from a complaint made by a Spanish company calledĀ Mediapro.Ā Mediapro filed a complaint to Samsung regarding the apps capability and demanded it's removal.

This was the message from the Smart IPTV developers:

"Dear users!

This june Spanish company Mediapro has blamed Smart IPTV for copyright infringement and sent this video as a proof (the video has been removed from Facebook).
Anyone ever used our app understands from the video that playlist showed refers to user own content and it is not distributed with the app.
Unfortunately all our reasons has been ignored and Samsung 'offered' us to solve this problem with copyrighter ourselves removing Smart IPTV from the store. We try to resolve the situation but it's not so easy as Mediapro ignores our messages 3 weeks already.

For your part you can make request about this to Samsung Electronics support service."

Clearly a very deceptive complaint made by Mediapro againt Smart IPTV.

Try not to panic, you can still keep Smart IPTV on your TV

If you're a user of Smart IPTV and you use it via your Samsung TV the best thing you can do right now would be turn off the automatic software updates from Samsung. Doing this will prevent Samsung forcing the removal of what is a great bit of Software.

It all does seem ridiculous but at the moment we are living in times where money talks and the people with the most do all the talking. Banning an app like this or like Kodi would be like banning MP3 players because the user has the ability to play illegally downloaded content on them. I don't see this as any different.

The app is still currently available on other smart TV sets but the chances are this won't be for long.

Do you use the Smart IPTV player app on your Samsung TV?

If so we'd love to know your thoughts.

What do you think?

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