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Appy Version 5.4 coming soon

Appy Version 5.4 is almost here

Here we are, almost half way through the year and Appy Version 5.4 is on the horizon.

We have already seen some major updates in Appy v5 with the TV Guide and the Adult section appearing in Appy Gold earlier this year. This update seems to build further on the Appy Gold experience with a cleaner display and a crazy backend that is going to push the experience in to another dimension. 

We took the time to get this statement from AVStream the Android Developers of Appy and they will tell you all you need to know about what to expect from Appy in then next day or two.


Message from AVStream Appy v5.4

Getting the time to work on Appy is always difficult. We have so many projects ongoing and great new ideas that dividing our time between them all can sometimes mean we have to take our foot off the Appy gas every now and then. Appy is great as it is but we already know where and how we can make things better for you.

The Appy Gold melt down at the start of the month swallowed up so much of our time and resources but we committed to it and I think you will agree the Live section is so much better in terms of content and playback. 

Recently we have started a project that goes hand in hand with Appy. It offered me a unique opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, work on one thing for 2 projects. A great situation to be in and we've done something pretty amazing this time that I will try to explain to you what this upgrade means for now and the future.


What to expect from Appy v5.4

Aside from the visual changes in the Appy Gold section we have developed an API that pulls Movie and TV Show data from the internet. Give the API a movie title and it will return with a whole host of data such as poster image, actors, description, genre and IMDB rating.

Previously we had to enter the Movie or TV Show image, genre and description manually. It was time consuming and meant that sometimes the latest content wouldn't be added for a week or more. Our genre options were limited and in some cases incorrect. Both these things created a poor user experience and made poor use of our time.

Appy version 5.3 download

Now, when a movie or TV Show is added to the m3u list it automatically gets entered in to Appy with the correct image and description and finally placed in it's correct genre. I know this doesn't offer you much more a part from content added sooner and in the correct place but this upgrade isn't about the right now. It's about where this will take us.

Where is Appy going with this upgrade?

With the data that we now have access to, that we can now access, we can start delivering our promise of ratings and preview videos. Ratings and previews bring so much to the table. I have lost count of the times I have looked for a good Movie only to disappointed. Being able to view at least a rating of the Movie ends all that.

Based on the ratings we crate a new genre "Highly Rated" and only display titles rated above a certain score. Need a good Movie to watch? Just go straight to Highly Rated.

We also going to duplicate the titles. If a title comes under more than one genre, which most of them do, they will be available in each genre they're assigned to. For example 300 has a genre of Action and Fantasy so with the duplicating system 300 will appear in both genres.

Now we have the genre's sorted we can deliver the smart playlists!


Smart Playlists

The smart playlist is going to use a few bits of data. What genre of movie or TV Show you watch most and what have you already watched. When we compare the two with what other users have watched who like a similar thing to you we can offer you things that we are pretty certain you will like that you have not watched yet. A vital Sunday evening feature and for those times when you're heart is breaking because you just watched the final episode of your favourite TV Show.

We could go on and on with making this better and better but once we have delivered on these remaining features we will be starting the subtitles and in play menu options which will add a further dimension to Appy once again.


Thanks for listening

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I hope you are excited by the news about what to expect from Appy and AVStream in the coming months.


Thanks for using Appy, it's all because of you that we are here and have been here for so long. 

Thank you!

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