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Coming to Appy in the near future

Coming to Appy

Coming to Appy in the near future

I love making these posts. I am excited by the future of Appy and I love the buzz these posts creates. You made the right choice when you installed Appy and if you love it right now you're going want to marry it after we release the next phase of updates.

At the start of the year we told you that we had a clear plan for the future with Appy and that is still the case. We quickly released an update that included a TV guide and a search feature then followed that with the Kodi Hub API integration.

What's coming builds on the last update to bring us closer to the ultimate platform. We will discuss this and the other projects that we are involved in that you will hear more about in the coming months.



On Demand Subtitles

You've requested it and we have started working with the subscene API to bring in subtitles for the Movies and TV Shows in Appy Gold. 

appy subtitles

The way we plan on working this in to the platform is still undecided but we are also working on some better image overlays for the media player to replace the basic controls for play, pause, stop and skip and will be producing a more robust and visually pleasing in play screen overlay.


Movie & Series suggestions

You know when you're settling down on an evening and wondering what to watch and you end up spending half an hour looking for a decent Movie or Series to get in to. Your partner will start all the "You choose what we should watch", then your say "Let's watch this" and she says "I am not watching that" so you say "Well you pick then" and you don't like your partners choices and then the argument starts. We've all been there but it's time to not go there as often with suggestions

We plan on saving your watching data (locally on your device and not on our servers) so that we can accurately suggest movies and TV series that you will love. The suggestions will be populated on the Appy home screen where all your recent items and favorites live so the next time you're suck for something to watch Appy will have your back.

Series and Movies data

We have invested in the IMDB API. What this will do is allow us to produce the data from the IMDB and use it to populate the info area of appy when you roll over an item.

We already have the movie poster and description but we don't have ratings or trailers. This will all change when we start using the API. We feel this is important as the trailer and the ratings play a huge part in our decision making when choosing a movie to watch.

Appy movies ratings

This will add the final polish to the entertainment side of Appy bringing us even closer to the platforms that people are used to using.


New Projects

Besides running an new a private VPN service, Lodi and the KodiHub we are also starting a new project called Snapp. This will be our first project that will be on both Apple and Android. We can't go too heavily in to the details of this project but it is something that we are really excited about releasing as Snapp will rival Plex in all the ways that everyone has been crying out for.

We have 50% of this project complete and once done we will be inviting a small handful of testers to give it a test drive. It's hard to explain what Snapp will be capable of without giving too much away so sit tight and in the coming months everything will be revealed. It's not specifically aimed at Appy users but none the less I am sure that you will be able to help us with testing when the time comes.

Have a nice Easter break

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I hope you are excited by the news about what to expect from Appy and AVStream in the coming months.

Before I forget we are now on Instagram so follow us here and we will be giving you a unique insight to behind the scenes at AVS. At the moment we are refurbishing the office so if you like seeing pictures of a mess check us out.

Enjoy the Easter break and I hope to see you on Instagram very soon.

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