Want to know what the best kodi build is right now?

What really is the best Kodi build?

They all claim to be the best but what actually is the best Kodi build at the moment? The only true way of gauging this opinion is based on user downloads.

Since the Ares Wizard whimpered away at the first sign of trouble who now carries the stats on downloads and what it the most popular Kodi build?

After all the cease and desist letters sent out to the popular Kodi builders such as Spinz, Wookie and Paradox (Blackbox Wizard) who is left to take the mantel as the best Kodi build?

The only place to get the best Kodi build

The only true place is the KodiHub. 

With 78 builds uploaded and almost 50,000 downloaded builds the KodiHub is the new place to gauge what actually is the best Kodi build at this moment in time.

There is a nice 5 leagues chart on the homepage so you can see instantly which build is the best for the type of thing that you go for. Whether that be all time most downloads, most popular, most recently updated, newest builds or if you like your builds small you can choose from the smallest builds.

Kodi builds wizard

Add your Kodi build to the KodiHub

The two best things about the KodiHub are the fact that it is 100% free to upload your build there and the server will not reduce your download speeds like they do at all free file hosting solutions.

Your build becomes available via the KodiHub API in applications such as Appy which you can download here Download Appy giving you more exposure than ever before.


So what is the best Kodi build?

The simple trick is if you're a facebook user is to make a post and just type out and below facebook will display what the most downloaded build is from the KodiHub. Give it a try and it will quickly end all discussion about which build is best.

Or just click this link and visit the Kodihub to view the latest league tables.

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