Selling Android TV Box Mistakes

Android TV Box sales

It’s a huge market but you aren’t selling

The Android market is huge. You may have bought yourself 20 or more Android TV Boxes from china, set up your ebay and amazon account, started pushing them on Facebook but yet people don't seem to buying from you.

You see other retailers selling loads of units, but yet you seem to struggle. Is it your boxes? Your marketing? Or that the other sellers are just bigger than you?

It's none of these things. The reason is simple and it's the one biggest secrets that you won't find anywhere else.


What is the secret to selling Android TV Boxes?

The one biggest thing that you aren't seeing, that the successful sellers do see is this simple fact.

You aren't selling Android TV Boxes. You are selling the software that is on them.

Very little separates one Android TV Box from another, the Android OS is generally the same. The RAM and ROM will generally be the same. Some look slightly different than others, but who cares.

It doesn't matter if you have a fancy case or pretty packaging. The packaging ends up in the bin and box just sits on someones TV stand. These things don't help you sell devices.

The software, or apps, are the things that separate you from the rest of the pack. The best sellers all have their own unique spin on the software. They make it easy for the user to navigate, they have their own help topics integrated in to the software and above all they have their software working for them, earning them money from in app purchases or affiliate schemes.


Get your own Android software for your devices

You have to if you want to make it and it doesn't cost as much as you think. If it's what the best sellers are doing then you should be doing the same. 

Click this link to check out AVStream's spin on custom Android Launcher Software and white label VPN apps. They literally have everything in them and a range of plans that will suit your budget.

The software on your devices that you sell is the only thing that will stand you apart from everyone else. The people with the best software sell the most device and AVStream make the best software.

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