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Appy v5 January Update News – It’s been a BIG start to the year

We had a plan for January and we have delivered.

It's been a BIG start to the year. We set out in our end of year review the goals we were going to achieve in Appy in 2018 and in particular January. Today we tell you that we have delivered our promise to you.
We've put together an update that will be release very shortly and in this message I will quickly talk you through the changes we have made and else is going on behind the scenes at AVS. 


The Adults Content

We have included the Adult content. That is VOD and Live TV. You can find the tile for the Adult sections at the end of the Live TV section and the Movies section.

The adults sections have been added to appy. They are pin protected to ensure they are not accessed by children.


The Adults sections are pin protected

We had to! It is part of remaining a family orientated bit of kit. The pin will be available in the Facebook group in the pinned posts. If you need access to the Facebook group all you have to do is click here 

To access the pin join us on Facebook


And the TV Guide is finally integrated

Lots of users were asking about this and we did always have the plan to include it. We ensured we had a little spot to place the data in Appy but rather than hold up the initial release of v5 we decided that we would revisit it later.

We have now revisited it and included it in to the latest version. If you scroll over a live channel then the TV guide data will load below the title in the description area. You can scroll down through this area (only on mouse pointer enabled devices) and reveal the TV guide for the next 24 hours.

The new TV guide in Appy v5

This included edit makes for a much better experience of the Appy Zone and we hope that you find a good use for it.

What’s coming next for AVS?

So much. We have just produced some edits for AVS VPN, our rapid multi server VPN service, which will be released next week. These are minor changes that don't change the app in functionality and are more for the user experience.

You can download AVS VPN from the playstore using this link or you can download and install the one in the applications section of Appy.

The AVS VPN edits won't take up too much time and after that we are working on an update for Appy that we will be releasing in the Summer time. As always we don't say too much about the Appy future updates but this will be a nice update so sit tight and Summer will be here in no time at all.

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