Merry Christmas – from all at Team Appy

Thank you for 2017, it’s been great.

What a year 2017 has been! It's been busy, productive and very enjoyable. The obvious standout highlight is the release of Appy v5 which consumed 7 of the 12 months this year but this isn't all we have achieved in 2017.

Appy v5 has pushed our development skills to the maximum. Adding it's own built in media player, a built in VPN and more menu animations than I care to recall. Worth every second, hour, day and month of developing it. You seem to love it and that is what it is all about for us.

In 2017 we also released the Internets only, safest and fastest dedicated servers for Kodi enthusiasts, the Kodi Hub. A place to upload and store their Kodi builds that's totally free and secure. As well as developing countless applications over at AVStream and managing the Lodi, Kodi fork generating online tool. To say it's been busy was probably an understatement. 



What does 2018 hold?

For the first time ever we already have a full 12 month plan of where we are taking Appy. The work we did this year has allowed us to add new features simply, new features that you will love. They will mostly revolve around Appy Gold so that we can provide a near as NetfIix experience as possible. If you have not done already make sure you sign up for Appy Gold in Appy so you don't miss a single sporting event over Christmas and we've added plenty of Movies and TV Shows to support the festive period. It really is an amazing platform and if you have spare £9.99 it is worth every penny.

Automated purchase & activation of Appy Gold

This will be our first task of the new year and will be released in January. The purchase and activation process will be instant. You buy, you have access. Removing the human activation part will be a huge step in providing a seamless service.

Appy Gold end date

Display the end date of your Appy Gold subscription in the display.

Now & Next TV guide

We wanted to do this in the initial release of Appy v5 but with time against us we felt that leaving it out this time would not be a huge issue but now we see how important having some data on what's on is vital and we are looking at completing the integration in February.

We suggest...

Suggesting you content based on what you have been watching. Whether that be a latest Movies or a different TV Series we can suggest titles based on what you seem to love watching.



We will also be doing some other things

Aside from improving the Appy platform we will also be taking on some other tasks to keep us busy that you might be interested in.


A VPN app with access to 7 high speed servers around the world. It will be the simplest and fastest VPN android has ever seen. The app will be available in Appy and on the Play Store as we build on our hugely successful one server VPN built in to Appy. AVS VPN will be free for 30 days and then just £2.50 per month. This application will be release early January 2018.

Lodi 18

Bring the online Kodi fork generating tool to life in line with Kodi 18. The Lodi platform has been hugely popular over the last two years creating over 4,000 apk's from the Kodi source code for Android retailers and enthusiasts. 



Thank you for supporting us

It has been a really enjoyable year for us and we hope that you enjoy the fruits of our labor for many years to come. As long as we have your support we will continue to provide the services that we do.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

From all at AerialView, AVStream, The KodiHub and Lodi

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