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Appy v5 is released


6 months of hard work

It all started as just an idea. The idea to re create a platform that could house and deliver everything an Android device user could ever want all at their finger tips without leaving the product. The overall goal was to recreate the simple content display of Amazon Fire TV and the Nvidia shield.

6 months later and the idea is the reality of Appy Version 5. The only Android Launcher that holds everything you could ever want and can be edited and updated remotely.

Appy v5

The end game has never been to create software for the end user. The end game has always been to deliver software that Android TV retailers can put their stamp on and use to offer their users the ultimate Android experience. Appy v5 or AVStream Ultimate Plan is exactly that.



What's new in v5?

It's pretty much new everything. The concept of the appy range remains the same but how this is achieved is totally different in v5. Appy v5 is now it's own media player. In past releases appy relied on Kodi as a media player which was never ideal but it did serve its purpose. Now in v5 there is no reliance on a secondary media player. The Appy Gold section plays directly from Appy. It loads faster and there is no buffering.

We still have the Kodi section so if you want to download and use Kodi builds you can. The way this is different from previous releases is that appy is now connected to the and all the builds stored there are available for you in appy.

Something very important in v5 that needs to mentioned is the built in VPN. There has never been a greater time than now to protect your online activity which why there as been a VPN built in to Appy v5 for you to use.
It costs only £1.50 per month to use and will allow you to get around the UK's ISP blocks and will keep your online browsing hidden. With the UK bringing out new snooping laws it is very important to keep what you do private.


Appy v5 has its own VPN


To access the VPN in appy just scroll over to Settings and click the VPN image. Then click GET LOGIN DETAILS. You will be emailed a username and password to enter in the VPN section and then just tap the image of the VPN shield to connect.



How does it look and how does it feel?

We've put together a short video for you to demonstrate Appy on a Samsung S8.




The future of this application looks really good. There are some future releases coming out at the end of the week such as a search function and further down the line the addition of a program guide for the live tv.
The feedback so far has been really positive since it's release 2 days ago.

Your v4 app will update to v5 the next time you launch it if you have not yet done so.
You should uninstall the appy media center as soon as possible after updating.

Appy v5 is compatible with all Android devices from 4.4 onwards.

We do advise that you use a device with at least 2GB ram.
The VPN does not work on the old fire sticks (without the voice search) and mobile data browsing ipv6.
If you have an Appy Gold subscription you will need to contact to have your access transferred to the new app.

Download Appy Version 5

If you don't have appy and you would like to get a copy then the links are below. To install on a Fire TV stick we suggest you use the app Downloader and input the url or alternatively you can transfer the app from one android device to your Fire TV usings Apps2Fire.

Download Appy v5


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  1. Gets no better! NO streaming/entertainment alternative can even slightly measure up to Appy in comparison,end of discussion! Couldn’dt recommend a better app on the market today for all android users that more user friendly and entertainment packed than Appy! The developers work extremely hard and dedicate alot of their time to provide users with the absolute best quality product possible for an endless enjoyable streaming/gaming experience! And no folks I do not work for the developers/know them personallly/or even live in the same country that the aerial view/avstream company is based out of,these are all my genuine personal sentiments even tho it sounds like an ad or something lol it certainly isnt. Im just a regular user of their Appy app since version 3 and think its flatout superior performance wise and experience wise to any alternative that’s out,believe me I’ve tried em all at one point or another. -Cwhite

  2. I was hoping to try out Appy v5, but when I put the url into Downloader on my Fire Stick, I get the message Error: URL needs authorization. This is not supported. Is there another url I can download from?

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