Appy Version 5 BETA release date


It's so close to being released

4 months in the making and finally a date!

4 months, 100's of new challenges, 1000's of icons and artwork, too many sleepless nights, and an unbelievable amount of coffee has gone in to the latest software by AVStream. Let me be the first to tell you, it was worth every bean of coffee!

I won't drag you through the full post to get this exclusive news, Appy v5 BETA is due for release Friday 3rd November and to get your hands on the very first BETA release you need to be a member of the Appy Support Facebook group (click here)

Just a note, if you're a new Facebook user or if you don't have a profile picture then the chances are you won't be accepted in to the group. It's a very tight ship and loose lips sink ships. Any profile that looks remotely suspicious does not get accepted to the group.

Let's press on and discuss some of the new features in Appy v5 and watch a sneak preview of the new app in action.


It looks very familiar


The first that you will notice with Appy v5 Beta is it looks a lot like the Amazon Fire TV layout and so it should. It has taken aspect of 3 major platforms and merged them in to one product.

It has taken features from Google Play Store, Amazon Fire and Nvidia Shield to deliver nothing but everything you will ever need for your Android Device. 

A home screen that dynamically creates itself based on what you use most and what you choose to be there. Premium content that plays directly from the app. No more content playing through a Kodi based media player, appy v5 is it's own media player. An unlimited amount of third party apps. Countless games. Kodi builds all ported directly from the KodiHub aaaaaaaaaand a built in VPN for totally secure and hidden browsing on AVStream's private VPN severs.


Check out this short video of Appy v5 BETA pre release

Stay posted for all the latest news and BETA APK download links by joining the facebook group 

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  1. Just watched the video on appy beta 5
    As asked I did have the old one and loved it but it kept crashing so had to take off this looks amazing I watch showbox but would love this as everything in one place ps can you get show box I use bubble up to cast to my smart TV can this be done with appy or can I install on TV that would be great to save on sky is there loads of kids channels I have a five year old ..
    But it does look great and if it doesn’t crash like older version it will be great to use
    Can’t find how to download the app tho anyhelp love to trial it for kindest regards Kevin B WILSON…

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