The 5 top Kodi builds this month

What are the top Kodi Builds this month?


A question that rages on throughout the forums and facebook groups.

Who has the best build?
Who has the up to date links? 

The Kodi Hub has the answer. Based on actual user download rates across a number of portals there has never before been a more accurate answer for who has the best build.

Each month the stats are reset and we start over but this month seems to have thrown out a shock winner from a relatively unknown build but it is one that we have championed for a long time.


Stream On Fire is the best Kodi Build

October saw the launch of the Kodi Hub so in reality this is the first month that we have data for but for all but the last week the well known build "Paradox" was in the top spot. 

The last week saw a huge surge in download for Stream On Fire placing it in number one spot for the first month in Kodi Hub history.

The Top 5 Kodi Builds October

  1. Stream on Fire - Downloads 1730
  2. Paradox - Downloads 1570
  3. Wookie - Downloads 1463
  4. SpinzTV - Download 543
  5. Lodi - Downloads 521

Special notice should be made to Pig Bite build who joined late in the month and narrowly missed out on 5th place.



What do people love about Stream On Fire?


It could be the fast download speed of the build with it being less than 150mb but yet still packed with all the best addons. This build uses a mod version of Nebula skin with custom menu items and fonts making it easy on the eye and very simple to use.

With a really small build size it is clearly popular with Amazon Fire Stick users and the lower spec Android TV boxes. Everything you'd expect to see from any Kodi setup with none of the bloat.

This months most downloaded Kodi Build "Stream On Fire"

A huge congratulations to the Stream On Fire Team for this months best Kodi build.


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