The Kodi Build Hub

Finally, a FREE Kodi Build hosting solution!

Where do you host your Kodi builds? How much does it cost you? Are you limited with download restrictions? Are your download speeds throttled?

From experience I would have thought not. If you're using a free service it probably sucks and doesn't do everything that you need it to do. You may have stored your Kodi Build on your web server but realized the you put your hosting at great risk and you end up draining your own bandwidth.

For the first time there is now a solution for Kodi Build storage that gives you super fast download speeds, secure hosting and is totally free!!


The Kodi Hub is Live

The latest product by AVStream is the Kodi Hub. We spoke to the developer and checked out it's features and came to the conclusion that the Kodi community has been in need of this service for some time and now finally it is here and it's free! What is there not to love about this.

"The Kodi Hub is for anyone to use. It's been designed to be simple and 100% automated. You sign up to create a login account. Then sign in and upload your Kodi build zip file. The Kodi Hub returns with a download link to use in your Kodi Wizard Addon or Lodi apk"

AVStream Dev

What we love about this, aside from it being totally free, is the download statistics and the league table. You get a clear visual on how well your build is performing and who you're up against. It's genius because you know right away if you have a great build or whether you need to revisit your build and make it better.



Sign Up for the Kodi Hub Today


It's free to sign up and your build link is available as soon as your build is uploaded.

Upload your Kodi Build to the Kodi Hub -
ike the Kodi Hub Facebook page -


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