Appy v5 Custom Android Launcher for Android Retailers

Appy Version 5 - Custom Android Launcher

Firstly I want to say a huge thank you to the team at AVStream for their tireless work on the latest Custom Android Launcher. Over the last 14 months Appy has seen some huge changes, with each upgrade the Android development skills of AVStream have been getting more and more recognition. There is no doubt in my mind that Appy v5 will well and truly put them on the map.

Appy v5 is complete in what it can do for a user and what it can do for an Android TV Box retailer. It moves further away from depending on Kodi and closer to becoming a full featured media player with the added components such as downloadable apps and retro gaming. 

Let's discuss what Appy Version 5 can do for your Android Device retail business in each stage of the product.

AVStream Custom Android Launcher Software


Let me start just by giving you a brief introduction in to the concept of what AVStream create for Android TV Box retailers.

Android Firmware that you can control and edit remotely

The main concept is to give you back the power of image and the ability to change anything about your TV boxes remotely. If things stop working you can fix them remotely, if things need a freshen up you can change the images and look of the device remotely. It's total control over the devices that has been proven to reduce user issues and time spent on user issues by 95%.

Share Kodi builds and Android Apps legally

The biggest concern of an Android Retailer is staying legal when selling devices while still being able to provide the user with the content. The days of selling Fully Loaded are long gone and AVStream saw this coming. They were ahead of the pack by almost 12 months with this and continue to provide a legal selling platform for retailers while still giving the ability to remotely share/update Kodi builds and Android Apps. 

Generate business from the software.

The AVStream range of Android software is the only software that will support your business goals. The whole idea is that the Android Launcher generates you revenue. Being functional is not enough in the modern era which is why the software offers 6 main areas for you to generate new revenue streams from your aftersales.


The New Appy Zone


The Appy Zone is the client panel where you can edit and control your custom android launcher. Simply Login and change everything about your Android TV boxes interface and functionality remotely. The changes happen in real time and update on the customers device without the need for a software update or a return to your office for a tune up.

Existing clients on Appy v4 will need to migrate to the new appy zone when we release v5. Don't worry, you can set up your v5 interface without it impacting on your current users. 

Appy Version 5 appy zone

The first thing you will notice right away is change. It looks different to the old system but this layout is far easier to navigate even though there are more options for you. The two areas highlighted are the navigation panel and messages from us so we can keep you informed of the latest news and tips.

Menu Options

The first part will be used for setting up the title bar across the top of the screen. The software will have the Home option and the Settings option at either end of your layout choice. You can the order of the menu items and their titles. These options can be changed and edited as often as you like.


All good Android devices should use Kodi in some capacity or another and this will feature in V5 but it will not be the main focus of the product.
The biggest changes here are unlimited builds can be added and sectioned off in to rows of your deciding such as genre and the ability to add a RSS feed for your own text to all builds used in your software. The RSS feed feature will be controlled and edited via the appy zone.

We are working on a separate product which will bring in 100's of builds for you to use in your software. The legal issues with using Kodi are bigger than ever so we have tuned up the system to ensure 100% legal downloads.


We will be indexing as many ROMs as we can but the new appy zone will allow you to submit ROM information to not only your app but to the whole AVStream ecosystem.
In your software the gaming section will be static and uniformed. You will have the option of adding or not adding the gaming component to your system but it's layout and look will be controlled by us.

Apps section

We've made the adding of applications easier this time around. We will be offering you a range of apps with full details to add to your system at the click of a mouse. You can still add your own if you wish and there will be no limit on the amount of apps you add.
Dividing the apps in to sections will be simple with up to 5 rows of applications you can organize your available apps beautifully.

Other tools in the new Appy Zone

The tools that we offer for your software are what will really drive your business to the next level.

Message Users

Finally a feature that almost everyone has been asking for, the ability to message users directly via the software.
Send promotional messages, latest news or hints and tips to any user or group of users.

Ban/Unban Users

We don't know when there might be a need for this section but we have made it possible for you to ban a device from accessing you software essentially locking them out of their device.
Banning doesn't have to be permanent, you can unban any banned user just as quickly as you banned them.

User Stats

More detailed stats will be available to you. We have added new data such as geographical location of the user. There are some areas to add in to this section such as amount of users currently online and usage stats on what a user has been doing and using in your software. This will allow you to fine tune the content in your Android Launcher so anything unused can be removed for something more popular.

IPTV Access

The changes here will be rather than sending a user a username and password you will grant their access to their device from the appy zone. Why is this important? It prevents user issues on entering the wrong credentials and it also prevents users transferring their account to other devices. You can add one account to many devices via the appy zone. Whether you want to charge extra for this is up to you.

The new user flow will be once the user has paid, you activate the account in the appy zone. Next time they load up the IPTV section they will have access. It will be slick, have no room for error and will have a professional feel to it from a users perspective.

Other things we will be doing in v5

Media Player

We are looking at the idea of using a universal fork of Kodi rather than each client having their own individual fork. We can still add your custom splash screen to the universal fork so it stays within the theme of your business but the benefits of using a universal fork are quite important. It means we will be able to use the latest version of Kodi a couple of weeks after it's release. We can pus this to everyone instantly so that you are never left with an older version.
Kodi release thick and fast. Sometimes the updates are important sometimes they are not but it is very clear that the end users always wants to be using the latest version. This idea will allow us to keep up with the trend and still maintain your business image.


We are adding a VPN switch to v5 that connects to our private VPN servers in Germany. It will be a simple on/off switch. We are unsure of how we plan to integrate this in to the software in terms of costing. Whether it will be an optional extra for you and we charge you per month or whether we charge your users via your software to use the VPN. Obviously running a VPN will have some overheads, we can't run it for free but we will be adding this in some capacity to the software. It is a very important feature to protect your users online identity at this current moment in time.

We will be adding new tools to v5

As you will have noticed on AVStream the plans have changed slightly. V5 is not part of what was the Ultimate Plan, it is a completely new product. The old Ultimate Plan is now our business plan. What this means is that you will entitled to upgrade to v5 as part of our agreement for free and you will have access to all of the above but there will be some parts and tools that we create for the product that will be optional extras that come with a development fee. We will keep you informed on this and our current progress.

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