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By Fiss Tops
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The recommended VPN for IPTV & Kodi

Too many people have no idea what an IPTV VPN is or how important it is to you. Basically a VPN will allow you to access areas of the Internet that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has blocked access to.

Which is pretty handy if you have an IPTV service that you pay for suddenly stop working at an important time such as the start of a football fixture.

What is even better about a VPN is that it hides all your internet activity. Everything you do on the internet will be hidden from your ISP.

Why do I need an IPTV VPN?

The reasons why you need your own VPN.

  • IPTV viewers
    UK ISP's have the authority to block your access to your IPTV during game times. An IPTV VPN will get around this.
  • Kodi Streaming
    Area's to Kodi are blocked regularly by your ISP. Your VPN will open up these areas again for use.
  • Online streaming apps
    A VPN will bypass any blocks placed on the servers of the content your are trying to access.
  • Hide your online activity
    It makes sense to hide what you are doing on the internet at all times.

You can stop the censorship of the internet by using an IPTV VPN. You will be able to access everything that you want without anyone knowing what you have been accessing.

Options for Android Devices

There are many options available and the jury is out on which is the best. In our opinion the one that works all the time is best one. Stay away from the free ones, the chances are that your data won't as secure as you might think. If you can afford to pay for one you should do so. We made the one in appy v5 just £1.50 per month and there isn't a cheaper premium IPTV VPN available on the Internet. If you want to use the one built in to appy we made it really simple. Login and one click connect. 


Appy VPN

Appy VPN will work on all device including the Amazon firestick, providing it has the Alexa voice search function on the remote.

IPVanish is also a great provider
Click here to buy access - save 46% using this link

The beauty about this provider is not only are they the best VPN provider on the internet but they also allow you to connect up to 5 devices on one subscription. This doesn't take a genius. Get together with 5 of your friends and divide the cost between the 5 of you. Giving you a final cost of around £10.00 per year! Just make sure you wait a short moment before filling in the payment part because you can get a further discount by hanging around.

IPVanish will work on all platforms and most importantly it will work on your Amazon Fire TV Device.

Once you're subscribed and you have verified your email address you can choose your software.

Just login using the credentials you set up in the sign up process, choose your country to connect to (I like Luxembourg but play with it and see which one works best for you) and it connect.

That's all you have to do.

You've beaten the blocks!

Enjoy the internet totally uncensored.

This works great on all devices including Amazon Fire TV devices. One thing to note is that any VPN will throttle your internet speed to a degree, depending on which country you connect to will depend on your overall speed. Play around with it and find the one that suits you best. If you have around 15mb/s internet speed you should be fine using a VPN.

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