No, Kodi is not coming to an end

kodi coming end

Kodi not coming end


The more people that join the Kodi third party addons chat on social media the more things get blow out of proportion.

Member numbers on some of the social media groups are at an all time high which leads to the panic and fear that the days of Kodi and getting all your TV and movies for free is over, but what did you expect from people that have never seen this happen before? 

For those like myself that have been engaged in the Kodi platform and all that it can do will know that this is not new territory, that we have been here before and that eventually the storm passes. There is no need for panic, these things do and will continue to happen just like they have in the past.

What has happened?

You're reading this blog so the news that Dish TV are attempting to sue TVAddons and Zem TV for using re producing their content should not have escaped you. The fallout of this lawsuit is that a number of the Kodi Addon creators have hung up their keyboards only this time...they mean it. Or do they?

Of course they don't mean it. These people are normal people and the only thing they have in their lives to make them feel significant or important is addon development. They aren't walking away from that. What you will find happening is they will take a short break and return under a new identity ready to push out a new product. Even if they don't there are new developers ready to fill the voids.

This is the cat and mouse game of piracy that has been running for years. It's like whack a mole, they hit one mole and another one pops up somewhere else.


Has this happened before?

You bet your life it has! So many times and there is a pattern. The companies roll out the men in suits twice a year every year. Always in the 2nd and 4th quarter of the year. Almost like clock work. 

Usually in the shape of ISP banning orders and cease and desist letters but even this has never dried up the flow of pirate material on to the web. Their only method of stemming the flow is disruption, nothing more than that. A little disruption and within weeks everything is back how it was and in some cases even better.

If you can't already see the positive to take from this then you are missing a huge point. In the recent past developers and information groups have been squabbling over petty disagreements. The latest move by Dish TV will build the bridges between developers and groups because nothing unites people more than a common enemy. Galvanizing the community is the only thing that will come of this and when they do come together they will be almost impossible to stop.  


Kodi know why 95% of it's users use their software

Make no mistake, although they do not endorse pirate material on their platform they know as well as you know that if it wasn't for the ability to add third party addons to Kodi hardly anyone would be using it as a media player. Even though it is a very nice media player you still wouldn't be bothered about it. Why does the internet need another media player? It doesn't.

Kodi know this, the only reason they have had such success is because it is an open platform. They could stop people adding third party addons if they wanted to but someone would just remove this block and release their own version of Kodi and then this company would take the lions share of the users.

Kodi is so popular for one reason and one reason only. I would not be surprised to find that a number of the creators had a hand in the third party material at all. Would this come as huge surprise to you? Not to me. To me it would make perfect sense. What better way to ensure your software prospers than to give the masses what they want.


Final thoughts

Just like Jerry Springer here are my final thoughts. The war on piracy banning ISP's and throwing fines around does not work. It doesn't even make a dent in their issue with piracy. It only creates a you v's us environment. They have the bigger cheque book but the pirates are like ghosts and are dotted around the globe. How can they possibly think that this will ever work.

To a degree I think the press coverage of things like lawsuits do nothing more than an attempt to place fear in to unsuspecting users the problem we all have with this is that it's hard to take sides with a billionaire that claims they are losing money like someone complaining that their diamond shoes are too tight. It just doesn't wash with the public and which is why the developers get the backing of the masses and the war on piracy never goes away.

Don't they think that if you could afford their prices that you would pay it? If the material they released was actually worth the value that they put on it that you wouldn't pay for it? Of course you would but they have priced a lot of people out of the market and if you don't feel like you're getting value for your money you shop around.

I know they will never make it affordable to everyone but I also know that their brute force method of prevention will never work. For me they should make a paid version of their material and a free version of it too. Make the paid version HD, 4k or whatever and have an official free version that is interrupted with adverts that they get paid from. Why not do this? Lot's of companies already do this and selling adverts with a guaranteed reach of over 10 million people is surely going to have advertisers chomping at the bit. At least make some money out of the fact that people do not want to and will not want to pay for things they see no value in. The alternative is keep on throwing money down the drain trying to chase ghosts. 

Good luck guys, thanks for reading and donate to the third party addon devs.

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