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Kodi Fork

Kodi Fork

By Fiss Tops
AVStream Dev Team

The Kodi Fork APK online generator

Kodi has and always will be an open source project this means the code is available to all to do with as they please. Editing the Kodi source code to create your own Kodi Fork is not a simple process and does require a large degree of technical knowledge.

We have created the worlds only APK generating tool with a huge amount of options for you so anyone can create their own version of the Kodi APK with some very cool differences.

Why do I need my own Kodi Fork APK?

The reasons why you need your own Kodi Fork app for Android.

  • Android TV Box Retailers
    Your own APK sets you apart from the rest of the pack selling devices pre loaded with Kodi.
  • Prevent legal issues with the Kodi brand
    Kodi do not like their product being used to assist in sales that hinge on third party addons.
  • Prevent legal issues from selling "Fully Loaded" TV boxes
    The Kodi Fork generator has a built in Wizard that will install your Kodi build in one click.
  • To give a professional look
    Your own branded app gives the customer satisfaction that you are large company.

Above all the Kodi Fork generator will create you an app that can be installed on the same device as Kodi.

Create a single build Kodi Fork

This video shows you can see how simple it is to make your own Kodi Fork app online and in less than 10 minutes


Your application is built using the data you submit, complied and then sent to your inbox in less than 10 minutes.
You can even start selling on the PlayStore and earn revenue selling your application.

Change your build URL remotely in the Lodi Panel

In your email you will receive login details to login to the Lodi panel. You can view the download stats and change the URL of your build in the app remotely.

There are always times when you may need to change the URL to your build, the lodi panel makes that simple.
It's instant and dynamic.

Find out more or start your own APK today!

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