How to make your Kodi build Krypton ready the easy way

Kodi build Krypton Ready

It's time you got your Kodi Build Krypton ready

The time to change your Kodi build over to Krypton is now. You may or may or not have noticed that streaming providers, particularly the HD links, have been dropping off your Kodi 16.1 build. The reason for this is a shift in the security protocols and in the most simplest of terms Kodi 16.1 just doesn't support them.

The only draw back of using Kodi 17.1 is that it will not install on any Android device with an operating system lower

So what are you waiting for? Get your Kodi build Krypton ready today by following this really easy guide. It won't be long before nothing is using Kodi 16.1. Get ahead of the game and get yourself ready it is a much better platform and the playback is far superior especially on newer devices.  

Stop making your build on your Android device

We have gone right back to basics here. Some of our app clients will already know that you don't make a Kodi build on an Android device but for those of you that are new to our methods we though we best clear this up. Make your build on your PC. Kodi is a cross platform python emulator. It works in the same way on a PC as it does on Android so stop wasting your time trying to make a Kodi build on an Android device.

You should have your 16.1 build in zip format. Addons folder and userdata folder. People that add the media folder for a Splash.png for Kodi aren't my favorite people so we will neglect this feature.

Download and install Kodi 17.1 for Windows

We will be using Windows to make this Kodi build krypton ready. The steps will be similar on Apple but we use Windows and so will this guide. Kodi can be downloaded from this linkIn the images for this guide we will be using the Lodi platform slightly customized so we can access the settings menu, a part from that everything is the same.

It is best to uninstall any old versions of Kodi that you have on your PC and get rid of your profile library.

Once you have gone through the installation of Kodi on your device and everything is ready select Launch Kodi.

Getting Started

Select System and then choose Interface Settings

Kodi Build Krypton Ready

Find out which Kodi skin you use in your build. For this example we will use the Spinz Fury build and they use the Eminence Skin.

From the left hand menu select Skin and from the main window select Skin....Esturary

Kodi build Krypton 17

Select Get More from the next window that opens

Kodi 17 Krypton

Scroll down the list and select the Skin you want to use

Select Eminemce

The skin will download and install all the components required.
Once done you will be asked to save the skin, select Yes. 

Exit out of Kodi, so we can add some content to your Kodi build krypton.

Transfer the build

Open your Kodi profile folder. This will be found Computer > C:// > Users > "Your computer Name" > App Data (you may need to show hidden files & folders) > Kodi

Open the addons folder in here will be the skin and the associated files that you need. Open your build zip file from Kodi 16.1 and open the addons folder. Select all (CTRL+A) and drag the everything from the addons zip file in to the addons folder on your PC. 

When you're asked if you want to over write select skip and do this for all instances
Some builds use special icons that you may need to transfer over in to the skins folder to get the exact look from 16.1 to 17.1, it depends on how much you edited from original build.

transfer your kodi build

Now delete the userdata folder from the Kodi profile (not the zip file).

Once done transfer the userdata folder from the zip file in to the Kodi profile folder.

You're almost done

All that is left to do it launch Kodi.

This will rewrite the old xml files in the userdata folder so that Kodi 17 can understand them. You might find Kodi will crash the first time you do this and this is completely fine. Just re launch Kodi and you will reveal your Kodi build Krypton ready.

Spinz Build AVStream

Now repackage your zip file in to build format, I suggest making a new zip file and naming it something related to it's contents "Kodi17Spinz".
Delete the packages folder and the thumbnails folder. Transfer the addons and userdata folder in to the zip file and that is that.

You're build is Kodi 17 ready!

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