Appy Version 4 is coming

Appy version 4

It's all about Appy Version 4

This update hot on the heels of Appy version 3 will bring a couple of new features in to the fold. They will all be centering around the media player and bringing it up to date with the modern security protocols. Without this feature the streaming content would suffer as things in the streaming industry are rapidly changing.

Let's dig in and see what we are doing and when this update will be available. 

The new Appy Version 4 media player

Built on Kodi 17.1 this media player is the very latest in the world of streaming. We will still be offering 2 media players except in this release the choice will be removed from you as we have automated the process so that you get the media player that will work best with your system.

It is advised that you have a device with Android 5.0 or higher so that you can use the new Appy Media Center. If your device is lower than 5.0 you will have the 16.1 media center install but you will start to notice that your streaming links are not as good and there will not be as many to choose from.

We work with Android TV Box retailers from around the world. If you need a new box let us know and we will put you on to one of our clients who will be able to look after you.

New builds

With the new Appy media center comes some new builds. We will be stopping the updating of the old builds as the exercise is pretty pointless. The new builds have all been updated and ready to go on the new platform. So far we have 7 with 3 more coming as the testing progresses.

  1. Stream On Fire
  2. Lodi
  3. Paradox Family
  4. Spinz Fury
  5. CCW 
  6. Aqua
  7. Wookie


All builds are family friendly. The smallest in overall size and best for your device are the top two. The others are still good builds but they are quite large in size and may not be suitable for Fire TV Stick users. 


Auto Housekeeper 

The media center creates a lot of cache memory. If left it can get out of control and will cause issues, most typically buffering issues. What we have implemented in to Appy Version 4 is the automatic handling of the removal of these files each time you launch the media player via the app.

The knock on effect with the overall experience will be dramatic but you probably won't notice this because we only ever notice when we are having problems. 

So again in this new upgrade we have taken automation a step further and will be bringing the service up to speed with everything that is going on in the industry.


When will Appy version 4 be available?

A beta version will be available on our Facebook on Friday.
If you'd like to get your hands on the beta and help us with some testing you will need to join our closed Facebook group.

Once the members of the group have had a look at the product and found all the bugs the last step is creating a final version with the bugs fixed. If things go as they have done in the past we expect Appy v4 to make it's full release a week on Friday.

We will keep updating you with the latest the news and the release date.

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  1. how do I remove a build from appy 4 so it doesn’t come on screen. I liked lodi first time used then after I watched first movies I couldn’t get it back as I downloaded more build. so just wanted lodi and stream on fire

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