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Is your Live Football blocked?

UK Live Football Blocked

For some months now in the UK the English Premier League have been blocking IP addresses linked to streaming as and when they're content is aired.

The game of cat and mouse has well and truly begun.

Blocking IP addresses is nothing new. It has been happening for years and has piracy been stopped? Of course not. The providers pop up again minutes later with a brand new IP address and service is resumed.

This one is a little different though. The injunction allows IP addresses to be banned on the fly. They spot a source for an illegal stream and moments later the IP is banned across the UK. No need for further deliberation in court and months of paper work. They now have the power to ban what they like within the scope of the injunction.


What can you do to keep streaming?

It has been a heavy few months for the streaming industry on the whole and things inside of Kodi seem to be taking longer than normal to recover after the clean sweep of the addon developers.

The high court ruling has hit many IPTV providers but is not quite as effective since the ISP ban only last for while the football is on and with some additional knowledge it can by bypassed completely.

It's really quite simple and you have many options but ultimately you need to be using a VPN.

A VPN will hide your local IP address can change it to one from another country, you might be in the UK but the internet thinks you're in Germany (for example). There are no high court rulings to ban the IP address you want to connect to in Germany so you can view the blocked content easily. 

Choosing the right VPN

There are many options for a VPN app to go from live football blocked to live football unblocked.

It might be worth noting here that you can have your own android VPN app developed for your users if you are in the industry from AVStream click here

  1. Appy VPN is built in to Appy.
    Just scroll to settings and select VPN
  2. AVS VPN available on the Playstore and comes with 30 free trial of all servers without limit.
    Visit the playstore here
  3. IPVanish very detailed VPN software and also allows mobile browsing VPN connection
    Sign up to IPVanish here 

That's pretty much the 3 best ones. The rest are very similar or are very bad. It is advisable to seer clear of a free VPN, they are either littered with adverts, too slow to connect or they will sell on your browsing data. The above 3 guarantee your data is safe and your connection speed is optimized.

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