Kodi Box Arrests – What you need to know to stay legal

The recent arrests of people selling Kodi boxes "fully loaded" has made big news of late and it has certainly shook up the industry somewhat, which was in fact it's intended purpose.
We all know that FACT's (Federation Against Copyright Theft) actions the other week do not stop piracy or even make a dent in it but you really do not want to become one of the unlucky statistics used to justify FACT's existence and salary.
These tips will help you understand what you can do, what you can not do and what you must do to avoid that dreaded knock at the door.

What you can not do (Kodi box arrests)

According to the law, UK and Canadian (soon to be USA too), this would interpret an illegal activity when selling an Android TV box.

"Kodi itself is not illegal, nor is it illegal to sell devices with Kodi pre-installed on them.
However, many of these Kodi devices come pre-loaded with third party plug-ins and add-ons that allow users to stream pirated content to their TV.
Selling these "fully loaded" TV set-top devices is a breach of the Copyright, Designs and Patent Act 1988."

This can also be extended to pre installing apps like Mobdro or ShowBOX on to the device pre sale.
If you sell a device in a plug and play state then you risk arrest and your business opportunities will be dramatically reduced.

The end of selling "fully loaded Kodi boxes" with apps like Mobdro and ShowBOX is here today.

What you can do (Kodi box arrests)

You can sell a device with Kodi in it's original state. No third party addons included and not apps like Mobdro and ShowBOX pre installed.
To ensure this in the most simple way you can use a few different services;

Lodi - Online Kodi fork app builder with integrated addon wizard for sharing your build.


This method is really low in cost at just £9.99. 
You create your own version of Kodi 16.1 by uploading images, submitting your chosen app name and URL of your Kodi build. The online tool will then create you an apk just like Kodi but with all your own branding with a built in wizard addon to install your build. The trick here is to include a disclaimer on your home screen image. This method keeps you totally legal and is within the boundaries of the law. The best part is the app you create can even be installed along side Kodi on your device and it takes around 10 minutes from purchasing to have your app ready to install.

AVStream - Android App Developers & Kodi Experts 


The most professional method and prices start from only £9.99
Go fully legal and fully profession with this option. Your own android application set's up the streaming environment for the user legally and efficiently. The services by AVStream are the simplest and user friendly methods available on the internet. You can also download their evaluation app "Appy" free of charge to see what they're all about.
Visit - 

Cloudwords - Make life a little easier for your user


Cloudwords for Kodi make the installing of addons a very simple task.
Just send your customers a list of cloudwords to get them set up to your specification. Since the customer is taking the action to get everything set you are protected. Not the most professional method and this may have a negative impact on your sales but it is free and you can legally sell using this method.
Visit -

Some other tips

If you sell on the internet be very careful about what you claim to be providing your potential customers.
"Free movies and sports for life" "Cut the cord" are all things you need to avoid. Not only will this bring you unwanted attention but you may also lose your payment merchant. People know what they are getting these days without having to create your own legal noose.
Some nice images of your system will work much better than the trigger words.

If you sell IPTV services then you really need to tread carefully. Never sell on your website. The services at AVStream and help you with this by creating an IPTV platform with in app purchases that can not be traced back to a sales page. Never openly admit to anyone that you run these services. What you can say is "We do not own these services. What we have done is create a platform where the services of a third party company can be used. We simply connect you to these services in the simplest way possible"
There is nothing big or clever about admitting to be the head of an IPTV setup.

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