You just got a Android Kodi Box. Here’s what you need to know

So you just got an Android TV Kodi Box or Amazon Fire TV Stick? Great!! They make a wonderful addition to any entertainment setup. You've no doubt heard all about Kodi and streaming so let's skip past that past and make sure that you are getting the very most out of your product by teaching you a few things that you won't find anywhere else.

by Steven Ste Ream

Kodi Box advice and who to listen to

The Internet is awash with "Dave down the pub said" kind of advice when concerning Kodi so be careful who you listen to. Facebook and YouTube are a breeding ground for Dave advice. There is some good content on there but cherry pick, don't take everything as gospel.
We produce software for Android devices for the retailers. Our Android software makes the users streaming experience a simple and safe one. Our advice is coming from a place of authority in the industry and if you want it simple we can help. If you want to set you own system up then this website is a great place start

The Ten Android Streaming Commandments

1. Decide whether you want a hobby or you just want a simple system that is managed for you.

If you want a hobby then use for Kodi installing and updating. All other blogs that you will find just copy this page so cut out the middle men and go straight for the source.
If you want a Kodi streaming setup that is taken care of for you then feel free to take our evaluation Streaming Android app AppyAppy is 100% free and really simple to use on all Android devices.

IPTV Seller Android App

2. The Kodi Wizard Addons are to be avoided.

They are popular and you will most definitely be pushed down this avenue if you seek advice on Facebook. Wizard Addons (Ares Wizard is also one of these) require you to either force stop your Kodi app or remove the power from the device while it is running to get them to work. Both of these actions are not good for your device in the long term. They push you to use these Kodi Wizard Addons because they know no better. If you need a build use an Android program like Appy, EnigmaTV, TMR, SRENTS, FlameTV, TickboxTV, Muvibox. There are so many to choose from so you never have to use a Kodi Wizard Addon which tend to be full of bloatware and pointless images.

3. Kodi isn't the only way to Stream on Android.

There are many popular apps out there for streaming and Mobdro is one of the very best. You can download mobdro from their website

Other apps worth checking out
Terranium TV 

4. If you have a Fire TV Stick learn how to sideload apps.

The easiest way by far to get third party apps on to your device is by using your Android Mobile device and an app called Apps2Fire download from the playstore. Full instructions are included in the application.

5. Accessorize your Android TV box but don't break the bank.

Navigation using the hand held remote is not always ideal, especially when using the Android web browser. Rather than spending on a clumsy handset with keyboard and mouse pad all you really need is a wireless USB mouse £5.45 on Amazon.

6. If you want dependable high quality live TV and Sports streaming you do have to pay for it.

There are many options out there for getting a whole host of TV channels but if you want good quality and HD then you will have to pay for it. Kodi and Mobdro are ok for free and will work 50% of the time. The quality can be poor at times which is why it is better to pay the small amount for a premium IPTV service. Prices range from £15.00 to £5.00 per month.Appy IPTV Sports and Live TV 

7. When using Kodi it will buffer but there are some things you can do about it.

The most simple solution is if you get buffering on a Movie link then just try a different source. Some are better than others so try a different one and see if that helps, 90% of the time it will. Other things to try are re starting your router, go for a wired connection and making sure your device is free of temporary files. This is vital if you are using a Fire TV Stick or an Android TV box with small hard drive. Using a configured advancedsettings.xml file will help but the above tips are the solve all for the majority of issues.

8. If you set up your own system keep your range of Kodi Box addons to a minimum.

One for Movies and TV Series (Exodus), one for general viewing (Phoenix) and a few for Live TV and Sports (Zem TV, Ccloud and Sports Devil). Don't make the mistake that 100% of Kodi Wizard Addon builders do by adding 20 different fancy background images. They aren't needed. Add one if you must but one for each section is pointless and bloats your system.

9. Learn about Kodi forks and what they can do for you.

Kodi is an open source platform and a few companies have built on this putting their slant on the Kodi environment. The most popular are Lodi, SPMC and Plex

10. Enjoy it for what it is.

Kodi box third party addon developers are constantly imploding with public displays all over Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Stay out of the fights and wait. They always get resolved and if they don't, when one add-on developer quits another one always takes their place. Thank and donate to developers. Do not hassle them. They do what they do for you for free and they owe you nothing.

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  1. Thanks for the info. I’m too searching for the need of ANdroid Box How it works and How to USE it. How we can Utilyze with or Directly we can USE. So by using it smart tv works like smartphone we can stream endless over thr ethernet and access social Media. So we can play games through it. and is it possible to share mobile videos with TV and play at a time both the TV and smart phone??

    • The original tickbox was perfect. Recent updates deleted the preconfigured kodi interface. Now it’s a standard media streaming box; all add-ons must be configured by the user. It’s just an overpriced box now.

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