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Amazon Fire TV Stick overheating

We love the Amazon Fire TV Stick

We always sing the praises of the Amazon Fire TV Stick. It's a great device. Portable, packs a punch, fits in your pocket and costs less than £40. What's not to love? Well there is one thing and if you're not extra careful it could end up costing you dearly just like it did for one Amazon Fire TV stick user.

Buyers beware!

Whether you sell Fire TV Sticks as a retailer or whether you're a consumer you really need to be careful about your Amazon Fire TV Stick over heating. This little devices to get warm in normal circumstances but when correctly installed you won't have any safety issues to worry about. The problems start when you install the Fire TV Stick incorrectly.

Never use any other power adapter than the one supplied with the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

The power rating for the power brick is 5 watt, 5 volt, 1.0 amp when you start using anything other than the given rating your Fire TV Stick can over heat and melt as the user in the image below found out.

Amazon Fire TV Stick overheating

The user attached his mobile phone charger in to his Fire TV Stick as the power supply had been lost. In just under an hour his device had started to melt.

Tell your users, tell yourself. Do not use anything other than the power supply provided with the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

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