Appy Version 3

Appy Version 3

6 months on from when we first released Appy and we have now set an offical release date for Appy version 3.
Many new features and improvements have been added to this upgrade which we will discuss in this post.

Please feel free to evaluate Appy Verison 3, there will be a download link at the bottom of the page. 

The home screen has a new look for Appy Version 3

Appy Version 3

The old 6 grid home screen has been replaced with a new 8 grid home screen. The new options are What's on and Help.

Help, shouldn't need too much explaining and What's on is the Sports listings for the week ahead and which channels these sporting events will on inside IPTV Gold, the new name for IPTV Premium.


Previously IPTV Premium. The Login option has been replaced with a new payment option for the IPTV of Monthly, this gives more flexibility in the plans for users that want something longer than 24 hours to test our product.

The login options are now part of the same sub section just below the payment options.

10 Free Kodi Builds to choose from

the 10 Kodi builds in appy free

10 of the most popular Kodi builds available to install and all updated on a monthly basis. All completely free to install without having to navigate through a sea of annoying adverts just to get a URL to install the build. Everything you find here is hosted by us and there will be no force closing or risk of bricking your device through the use of unsafe Kodi Wizard Addons and force closing.

There is also a new notification feature. When a build has been updated the image will display the notification as in the above image.

Faster downloads

One of the biggest improvements will be in the speed of the downloads for the IPTV theme and the Kodi builds. Migrating to a new server has more than doubled the speed of the downloads.

Download Appy v3 Beta

This application for Android is free, completely free.
The app is an evaluation app. If you're Android TV Box company would like a version of this application but with your custom branding please visit AVStream for full details

All we ask is that you comment below with your constructive feedback.

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  1. Appy3 looking good,loads really quick,runs smooth. Love the different choice of builds. Well done and thanks again guys.

  2. Just when I think these guys can’t impress me any more. Constantly bettering their last achievements and improving. Since the days of avs v1 user experience has just got better and better and I was happy then. Jump on it and enjoy the ride!

  3. I’ve been on since avs 1 and have never looked back, just get better and better and the support from these guys is second to none. Just updated all my devices to appy v3 and after trying all the builds settled on the one I like best. Keep it up guys , stellar product.

  4. Only just got an android box. Seen good things on your Facebook page and after a free 24 hours of trying your app, I’ll definitely be purchasing a subscription to this awesome service.

  5. After creatingany one of your supplied appy builds which I must say are impressive. If i were then to choosethe IPTV Gold option and login, the build is destroyed/removed when I try to go back to it, and all I get is your own interface of options. How do I flip between the build I have chosen and then choose your IPTV Gold without the for example, the Paragon I had previously chosen? I thougjht that I could flip between the two without the offered build being removed, and choosing to go to the IPTV Gold build. Is this a bug or am I missing a trick here somewhere?

    With sincere regards and respect for you hard woerking guys,

    Thank you

    George France (UK)

    • It is not a bug. It is just a space saving thing. Some older devices and Fire TV Sticks only have a 4GB HDD, it doesn’t make sense to have so much HDD space taken up with 2 interfaces. Some of our clients have it where you can switch between the two but we like to make something that everyone can use without issue even if it means you have to download and install the theme again.

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