Appy Version 3 First Look

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Appy Version 3 is almost here

Today we are giving you our first look at Appy v3 which we expect to release the full version in two weeks time.

As always a lot has gone in to this update. We used our Facebook Support Page, which there is a link below, as a focus group to work out what was required to make this update even better than our last.
Join our Facebook Appy Support Group

Only members of our Facebook Group will be able to download the pre release versions of Appy v3.


Choice of Appy Media Center

Your Choice of Appy Media Center

You will be given a choice of 2 Appy Media Centers to install.

Option 1 is based on Kodi 16.1 and is suitable for all devices.
Option 2 is based on the latest SPMC and is suitable for devices OS 5.0 and above.

This is the first thing you will notice in Appy v3.
Choose your media center and Appy will adjust everything according to your choice and deliver the optimum streaming level.

Follow this guide to install Appy to an Amazon Fire TV Stick

Install Appy to Amazon Fire TV guide


Two more options from the Home Screen

With two more spaces on the home screen allows even more choice right from the home screen.
We can edit this to include a HTML page launch.

Doesn't sound like a great feature but we will be using these new options to relay messages to you right from the home screen such as what live sports events are on Appy IPTV Premium and where to find them. It also allows the flexibility to deliver any content from the web that we feel adds to your Android Streaming experience.

We listened to your thoughts

When we surveyed you all to find out what you wanted to see in Appy v3, Monthly IPTV payments came out with the most votes. In fact it was an absolute landslide.

So that is exactly what we have done. You can now take out a monthly option for IPTV premium. As with all the payment options you are not tied in to any rolling contracts. Once your month is up it will be up to you to pay again if you want to. 

That's not all, now all users will get 1 free 24 hour trial. Just request your trial in the IPTV section and we will send it straight over.

Do you need your own bespoke version of Appy for your business?

Get your own version of Appy today


Faster downloads

Great news, we have made download up to 50% faster by moving our files to our new server.

Download speeds will increase on all Streaming Builds from the builds section and the IPTV theme.

The old server has taken a battering over the years and has served us well up this point. We have simply out grown the old server and the time to move over to a much improved and optimized server was now.

And finally....

There will be 10 builds to choose from in the Build Installer option.

We have taken a great deal of time to source and obtain 5 more builds for this section. The 5 new builds have been taken from the 5 most popular Kodi builds currently available. 

We will be including Chris B Beast, Paradox, Nemesis, Pulse and Paradox Adult to our list of 100% free to install builds.

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