Track your Kodi build usage

Keep track of how often your build is accessed and have your own Kodi RSS feed message
Cloud storage, we again recommend GitHub for this. Not much else required for this Kodi tutorial, it is very simple.
This is a very simple edit and should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete and integrate in to your Kodi build

Get detailed access stats on your Kodi Build

We always review and check out Kodi builds, it's a bit of an obsession of ours. The one thing we notice is that nobody (except us) are tracking the usage of their Kodi builds when it is so simple to achieve. So let's show you just how you can track your Kodi build usage and customize your Kodi RSS feed.

Why would you have a need for this? We use it to keep an eye on which of our 12 builds are most popular and which are not so popular. With this information we know exactly which builds need some more work.

Other handy stats are location of user, busiest usage times and busiest days. This information gives a huge boost to your marketing strategies and it is handy to know when the best time to push a build update is.

Step one – Locate your Kodi RSS feed files on your PC

Let's start by opening up your Kodi build on your PC

The directory should look like;
NOTE: Make sure you can view hidden files and folders

Go straight in to user data folder and locate RSSFeeds.xml

Let's just keep this window open on the desktop for now. We will be coming back to it towards the end of the tutorial.


Step Two – Set up your GitHub

Visit and sign up for a free account

Once you have activated your sign up e-mail select add repository, call it what you like.
Add a README file.

Edit the title of file to feed.xml


In the text window paste in this text;

<? xml version="1.0" ?>
<rss version="2.0">
<title>*YOUR BUILD NAME*</title>
<title>******EDIT THIS TEXT***** </title>
<description> Enjoy </description>

You only need to edit the lines 4 and 8 inside the "> <" mark up to display your title and your RSS news ticker message.
Scroll down and select commit changes.
This saves your document.
Once saved select RAW from the top right options. When the window opens copy the contents of your browsers address bar it should look like


Step Three – Create a tracking link


Open a new browser window in your internet browser.

Go to and create an account.

We have highlighted the 3 areas of interest.

Kodi rss feed

In the "Link to shorten" text area paste in your GitHub URL that we grabbed from the previous step.
Tick in the box "Make access stats private" and hit the Shorten button.
Once done your tracking link will be displayed under the "Short URL:" header.
Highlight and copy your short URL.


Step Four – Input the tracking link in to your build

Go back to your Kodi build userdata folder that we opened in step one and open the RSSFeeds.xml.

Highlight and delete lines 7 and 8.
At line 6 highlight the text "" and paste in your short URL from

Save the document and upload your Kodi build to production.


Step Five – Track your Kodi build usage


All that is left to do is see your builds usage. 

Each time your build is accessed the RSS feed will trigger. This results in a hit on your tracking link and will display in your access stats. This is the reason we use the RSS feed link and not a Wizard Build URL link. If we used a Wizard build link then you would only know when someone has downloaded your build and not when they are using it.

Log back in to and select manage your links in top right of the window and get detailed stats on how often your Kodi build has been accessed and from which locations.

Get all the beautiful access stats in one place or download them as a spreadsheet.

Now you know how to gather data on your Kodi builds usage.


Congratulations – You’ve just earned your ctrl+c ctrl+v developers badge


Not only can you track your Kodi Build access usage you can also display your own RSS feeds inside your builds. No need to add bloat to your build if you have been using the RSS feed editor addon.


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