Create Kodi Build Notifications

Edit the TVaddons Kodi addon TVaddons Notifications to display your own message to your users and push new messages when you need.
Cloud storage, we recommend using the GitHub for this tutorial. GitHub is free and a great file store for direct access.
This is a very simple edit and should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete and integrate in to your Kodi build

Edit the TVAddons Notifier Kodi Addon

Ever since the TVAddons team released this rather intrusive addon people have been asking "How do I edit the TVAddons Notifier Kodi Addon?"

In this tutorial we will guide you step by step so that by the end of it you can push your own Kodi build notifications to your Kodi users via your Kodi build.

There are many reasons why you would want to use this Kodi build Notifications Addon. It's main use should be to inform your users of new updates to your Kodi build or to let them know about up and coming events.

Step one – Download the TVAddons Notifications Addon xml

Let's start by downloading the Kodi Addon zip file for TVAddons Notifier.

Download TVAddons Notifier zip

Extract the contents of the zip file to your desktop.
Open the folder and open the addon.xml file (use Notepad++ to edit)

kodi build notifications

On line 2 edit the version number from version="1.0.2" to version="99.0.2"
This prevents the addon from auto updating and is always a good practice.


Step Two – Set up your GitHub

Visit and sign up for a free account

Once you have activated your sign up e-mail select add repository, call it what you like.
Add a README file.

Edit the title of file to message.txt


In the text window paste in this text;

Type your message here

Scroll down and select commit changes.
This saves your document.
Once saved select RAW from the top right options. When the window opens copy the contents of your browsers address bar it should look like


Step Three – Link the Addon to your GitHub


Go back to your TVAddons xbmchub notifications Addons folder on your desktop.

Open the file and scroll down to Line 132


Highlight the text between the quotation marks and paste in your GitHub RAW URL to message.txt
Hit save.


Step Four – Edit the TVAddons Image

Really easy, open the the folder on your desktop to the Kodi addon for the xbmchub notifications addon. Then open the art folder.


Drag the image logo-rectangular3.png from the ART folder in to your paint editor. Edit this image however you wish making sure to keep the dimensions and file name exactly the same. Save your image.


Step Five – Push out an update notification

To push an update with your modified version of xbmc hub notification addon you simply need to edit the text in message.txt in your GitHub repository.  

Open up your GitHub account and select your repository.
Select message.txt from your list of documents and then the pencil icon to edit.

Increment the number in line 1. We went from 1 to 2. The change in number sends the updated message to the user.
Type your message beneath the |||
Hit the commit changes to save and that is how you use the XBMC Hub Notifications addon like a Pro.


Congratulations – You’ve just earned your ctrl+c ctrl+v developers badge


All that is left to do is drag the XBMC Hub Notifier Addon folder from your desktop in to your build and let it over write the exiting folder if it is already in your build. 


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  1. This was very helpful, and extremely well written. I was able to successfully edit the plugin, thank you. I was wondering however if you could help me edit the remind me later code so that if the button is pushed the pop up will return on the next kodi start up. Thank you.

  2. Hello, I was wondering if you could show me how to edit the remind me later section so that if clicked it will reappear the next time kodi is launched.

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