Selling Android TV boxes legally

Kodi Updating Apps for android tv box sellers

Selling Android Boxes legally with Kodi pre loaded?

Besides people being arrested for selling Android Devices pre loaded with Kodi and third party addons, Amazon, E-bay and Kodi are looking to take down the online retailers with cease and decease notices.
Times are changing in this industry and with that the retails will also need to change in order to remain trading and out of the courts of law.

What sales are illegal?

This is very straight forward. Some people will have you believe this is a grey area and selling Android Devices with Kodi pre loaded with third party addons can tip toe around the law. The facts are you can't. If you are selling Android Boxes or Amazon Fire TV sticks with Kodi loaded with third party addons like Exodus, UK Turks, Sports Devil, Phoenix, NJM Soccer and so on then you are breaking the law. When you advertise this in your Amazon or E-bay listing you may as well have a flashing beacon on it saying "Remove my listing and prosecute me". It's time to start selling Android TV boxes legally.

Things your Amazon or E-bay listing cannot claim

"Free Movies", "Free TV series", "Free Sky Sports", "Free BT Sports", "Free Sky TV", "Free Virgin Media", "Kodi fully loaded with Addons", "Free Netflix".

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What sales are legal?

Any device that does not have any means of bypassing paid for subscriptions right out of the box is the legal issue corrected. The Kodi copyright issue means you cannot use the Kodi name in relation to means of bypassing copyright subscriptions.

You can sell your devices with Kodi in an unused state. No addons and no repositories. You could issue instructions for your users on how to load it up but to stay legal the user has to take some for of action to make the Fire TV Stick or Android TV box capable of getting all that free streaming goodness BUT, that is going to take a hit on your sales and you are still left with the Kodi issue.

What can you do to keep your Fire TV Stick and Android TV box sales legal, keep Team Kodi off your back and still provide the amazing free streaming platform on android devices so you stay ahead of the competition?

Catch 22? Not really.

We have developed several methods that keep you safe from the legal issue and the Kodi copyright issue. It all depends on how serious you are about the longevity of your business.
Our solutions keep you legal, keep you from the Kodi witch hunters and they provide a neat and simple solution to keeping your devices streaming interface up to date.

Warren from Android TV Boxes Online gives his views

Warren is just one of many retailers to take advantage of our services


We have helped hundreds of Android TV retailers and App Store sellers with not only staying legal within their sales but also gaining the extra revenue you probably feel you deserve for providing the great after sales support that you do. 
You can advertise your Android TV Box or Amazon Fire TV Stick with "Your App" pre installed legally and Kodi won't be mad at you. You can give your clients all the free streaming goodness with the only instruction of just launch "My App". It really is that easy.

Isn't it about time you started streamlining your processes and making more money? You can do all that and more.

If selling legal, keeping Kodi off your back and extra revenue by doing less work is of interest to you, and it really should be, then check out what we can do for you in our

Android Application Design Services

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