5 Powerful Tips to selling Android TV Boxes

The 5 things Android TV box sellers need to know

kodi logo has on average 170 million web hits per day. The stats for actual users is pretty well hidden but at that many hits per day you have to surmise anything around the 100 million active users mark would be quite accurate.
One thing is for sure, the numbers are continuing to grow and the majority of users are opt for Android devices. Whether that is Amazon Fire TV products, mobile devices or Android TV boxes.
Everybody thinks the market is probably already saturated but those people lack what it takes to be at the top of any pile.

#1 Get on Amazon

E-bay is not the place if you're looking to dominate. Unfortunately E-bay is not a trusted market place and is over run by amateurs that don't care about the final product or repeat custom. They want a quick cash hit and move on. This is not sustainable.
The best way to describe the differences between Amazon and E-bay from the customers perspective is E-bay is shopping at a local car boot sale and Amazon is like walking in to reputable store.
That's not the only reason Amazon to be on Amazon over E-bay or your own online store. With Amazon you can automate your distribution with Amazon Fulfillment. You bulk buy, send to Amazon and they not only take care of the shipping and returns for you but they will also push your products to potential customers.
Summery: Get on Amazon and use Fulfilled by Amazon. 

#2 Drive your sales on Social Mediaadvertise with facebook

Facebook is currently the best pound for pound advertising platform in the world. Without doubt. You will have seen adverts on Facebook already and isn't it odd that they somehow just know what you're in to? 
Not so odd when you know the science behind how it works. Facebook advertisements are highly targeted, meaning you can choose who is going to see them and when. Advertising is no longer the "spray and pray" method that it used to be, now you can select a gender, an age group, interests, browsing platform and geographical areas and send your advert right in to the palm of their hand.
For as little as £50.00 the correct advert can be seen right in the hand of 30,000 potential customers.

Advertising Tips

  • Your best times to advertise are the middle of the month and the end of the month, this payday for the majority of people.
  • People buy most on between Thursday and Sunday evening.
  • Use discounts as a monetary value. "Save £20.00 on this Amazing Product" looks better than "Save 20% on this Excellent Product".
  • Send your customers to your Amazon Listing via your advert with a coupon code. When someone clicks and buys you will move up the Amazon ranking charts. When you get to page one things will really start cranking for you 

Summery: Use Facebook ads, target your audience and direct them to Amazon with a coupon code

#3 Don't listen to anyone trying to put you downyou don't have to attend every argument you're invited to

This is big and you will come across it almost definitely. The Kodi and 3rd Party Addons "community" (they are not a community and more like a mob) are the most bitter and twisted people in the land.
You have two types in this mob, the ones that are already making money. This lot will hate you with a passion, they will pick your product apart, tell everyone it's a scam and that you're killing Kodi in the hope you stop trying to lay your hands on what they think is their revenue. They won't try and better you, they will try and knock you down. Don't allow this and do not engage with them. Let them cry their eyes out while you just keep on going. Never negotiate with terrorists. They will disappear in to the distance in enough time. Then there are the second type and this lot are hilarious. It's like they have been programmed by the first type to call you a scammer and dig you out because for some weird reason making money is such a sin. It's not their fault, they're just so impressionable it's ridiculous. Impressionable is good though because you can do your own programming on them and the next day they're your biggest fan. Trust me, they are that flippant. 
You pick your fights, don't let anyone pick them for you by using aggravation. As you move up the chain your fights will get bigger but the rule of thumb here is don't get in to any. They can only wind you up if you let them and you will never be able to convince a crazy man that he is crazy, that's part of being crazy.

Summery: People will try and stop you gaining success. Ignore them. That's it.

#4 Stop using KodiStop using kodi in android tv box sales

Stop using Kodi if you are advertising and selling the devices with Kodi and third party addons. Kodi do not like it at all and have made no secret of this. You do not need the hassle that this is going to bring you right now and in the future. 
How do you sell boxes when the end users main intention is using Kodi and watching lots of free stuff? There are options

Use SPMC, a Kodi fork specifically designed for Android Devices. 
Or you can use our app or any of our android app design facilities so you can have your own version of Kodi but branded however you like. It works the same as Kodi but will be called whatever you like, look and feel like you app. So you get the functionality of Kodi without using Kodi.

Either option is fine and we honestly don't mind being connected to the use of third party addons.

Summery: Stop using Kodi in relation to third party addons.

#5 Stay legalman in handcuffs

"He's crazy, he wants us to sell Android products that bypass copyrights AND stay legal!"
Well, we are all a little crazy, right? However regarding this point I am being deadly serious. People have been arrested for selling "Fully Loaded Android TV Boxes" and the laws around this are so murky is it hard to get a grasp of what is true and what is just hearsay. 
One thing is for certain, if you pre-load your Android devices with Kodi AND third party addons then you are heading for a matching set of steel wrist bracelets and your big day in court. The plug and play thing and the Kodi fully loaded thing, forget about it because your business plan has no long term sustainability. Not only that whenever I see a advert or a store listing that opens with "Kodi Fully Loaded" it screams out TOTAL AMATEUR!!
What do you do here?
Sell factory setting Android TV Devices is option one, sell often for a small mark up. There is a market for this, especially if you are not based in China.
Option two is take the risk, sell fully loaded and see what happens. Personally I don't think you would last more than 3 months. Not only will you be risking a criminal record but you will be no different to all the other bedroom sellers, with nothing unique about you or your product.
Or there is option 3, and if you made it this far down this post then you're the intelligent type of person that this will appeal to. You use our services. We provide either fully managed streaming services in the form of Android apps that you just load straight on to your devices before sale or we can produce apps for you to do the same but with all your branding and app name. You can even sell your branded apps on the app stores if the extra cash would come in handy. What looks more professional and stands out more? "Android TV Box with MeStreamTV app pre installed" or "Kodi, fully loaded"? Not just all that but you are also automating your processes and automating processes is key to huge sales.

Managed Streaming services are low cost and a great way of getting your foot in the door while staying legal.

Customized Android Apps are for the more serious Android Device retailer looking for a professional edge while staying legal

Now you know the 5 ways to sell more Android TV Boxes or Amazon Fire TV devices for now and the long term.

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  1. This is a great piece of work, above seems logical and sound…, I’m very interested in the customized installation, but kodi and Lodi are now seriously big names. By the way i love Lodi – thanks for making life SO much easier!!!! I love on a mountain in the middle of a national park in Spain and before Lodi, i hardly ever saw live sports. Although I’m a toon fan, so maybe my health was better before 😉

    Press, and me ask the info. And keep up the great work

  2. O.K. but if you reccomend selling the boxes without Kodi and there is over 100 million Kodi users basicly your competing with Ali Express ;New Egg, etc… people want Kodi and the plethora of addons. Low markup and no Kodi is a. tough hurdle for a startup although You have something that is worthy of a good look !

  3. So have muvh Is your service and how to get in touch with you?

    I judt purchased sbout25 boxes to sell. I need your help because im to ptetty for jaul. Please tell me how to çontact you it how you will contsct me

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