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Amazon Fire TV Stick hack

There’s only one app you need on your Firestick

Fire TV stick hack to access unlimited FREE streams

Set up simply and in around 5 minutes

You will need

  1. Amazon Fire TV Stick.
  2. Android mobile device. Tablet or phone.
  3. Amazon account.

Step one - Connect your Fire TV Stick to the TV

Plug the provided USB lead in to the USB socket on your TV, if you don't have a USB socket on your TV then you will need to use the 3 pin plug provided and plug in to a power supply. Connect the other end of the USB lead in to the Fire TV Stick.

Plug the Fire TV Stick in to one of your HDMi inputs on your TV. If your TV is wall mounted then you may need to use the small flexible extender lead provided. Turn your TV on and select the appropriate HDMi source channel so you are greeted with the Amazon Fire TV Stick welcome screen.

Place the provided batteries in to the small remote control. Note that the batteries will both sit in the remote the same way up unlike conventional handsets.

Work through the set up on screen until you arrive at the main menu.

Step 2 - Hack the Fire TV Stick

Download and install these two apps on to your Android mobile device.

Apps 2 Fire - Free app
appy - Free app. Gives access to everything worth having on an Android all in one place.

On the Fire TV Stick main menu select "Settings" , "System" and then "Developer Options"

Amazon Fire TV Stick settings menu
Select Settings > Developer Options from the main menu

From the next menu set "ADB debugging" to ON and "Apps from Unknown  Sources" to ON

Set up the Amazon Fire TV Stick
Set the two options to ON

You need to find the IP address of the Fire TV Stick next.
Go to "Settings", "System" and then "About"

Get IP address of the Fire TV Stick
Get the IP address of your Fire TV Stick

Take your Android device that you just installed the two apps on and launch Apps 2 Fire.
Scroll across the text and select "Setup".
Enter the IP address from your Fire TV Stick in the text area and select Save.

Apps 2 Fire set up
Enter your IP address from the Fire TV Stick in the text area and press save.

Stay with Apps 2 Fire.
Scroll across the text and select "Local Apps".
Scroll down the list of apps and select "appy".

Download Appy on to Amazon Fire Stick

The app will be sent to the Fire TV Stick and when you get the Sent notification on your mobile device your are done.

Step 4 - Set up the super streaming & gaming app

Pick up the Fire TV Stick remote and from the main menu select "Settings", "Applictions" and "Manage all Installed Applications".
Scroll through the list of installed apps and select "appy" and "Launch".

When the apps launches enter your email and enjoy the streaming and gaming fun.

Keep using appy from your Fire TV Stick. It will check for any updates that you may need and will install them for you before launching.

Don't have a secondary Android device to send appy to the Fire TV Stick?
Follow this guide, it's even easier to install Appy on an Amazon Fire TV Stick!

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