What you need to know about Kodi Wizard builds

Do you know what you're doing to your Android device when you use Kodi Wizard builds?

Probably not but they do all the work so you don't have to and they're free....or are they?

The Kodi wizard builders come from all corners of the UK the three main ones your hear about in the Facebook groups are Chris B Beast Kodi wizard, Spinz TV Kodi Wizard and Blackbox Kodi wizard. All of which claim to be best Kodi build. Well I spent 24 hours downloading each one (kind of), from their source code and not via their wizard installers, and tested each one. When they say they have the "best Kodi build ever" they definitely need to get out more.

Why you shouldn't use Kodi Wizard installers on Android devices


It's for two reasons, the first one is the file sizes are ridiculous and if you value your device then you wouldn't waste up to a quarter of your storage on something that someone else thinks you will like. Do any of them use focus groups or take constructive criticism? I doubt it and no.
Secondly and most importantly they require a force close or you need to remove the power from your device for the build to take and this will give you no end of trouble. In effect what they are doing to your file system is like a mechanic changing your gearbox while the engine is running. The Kodi Wizard uses a task killer and they are not good for your Android mobile device or your Android TV box. Don't believe me? Read why task killers on Android do more harm than good 

First up Blackbox Kodi Wizard

The Blackbox Kodi Wizard is now called Paradox, their old url is no longer in use.

Paradox Wizard for Kodi is another standard Kodi Wizard, the same force closing and lots of builds that are way over sized.

To get the Paradox Wizard build simple enter the URL to download the zip file and transfer the contents the zip file to your Kodi folder.
This build is labeled as not being for low powered devices, so I just wouldn't touch this unless you are using a PC.


paradox wizard

A nice looking build with some impressive textures but do 9 rotating images that give the impression of an animation really add anything to your streaming experience? Not for me. It is a clever method to make the background look like a gif but who cares? Just give me some movies and TV Shows!
The links are standard, 40% of them don't work and Genesis is still in there and working horribly.

This one looks great but is functionally terrible.

Let's move on to Chris B's Kodi Wizard

To install safely from source type in this URL to get the zip file without having to use a Kodi Wizard



According to Chris B's twitter he is retired (again, think this is the fourth time he has done so) but don't worry fanboys, he will be back as soon as he realizes Facebook likes are not legal tender.
His builds are always the same, average at best. You could recreate this build in minutes and have less broken links. What Chris does do well is self promotion, he is totally shameless in it and this is the only thing I like about his work. This build is not great, it is nothing special and still on the large side.

Finally Spinz TV

Now for some reason I like this guy, he tries his best and always comes across well in the Facebook groups. He has a variety of builds and if you want them without the danger of using a Kodi Wizard installer you have to do a couple of tricks because he stores his links in a xml file. Here is the direct link to his latest Titan build
The file is sized correctly and looks good when unpacked. He does leave all the Kodi branding in his builds which I am not a fan of since it is so simple to adjust, especially in Titan.


The build itself is nice but very basic and repetitive with the same links for movies showing throughout the theme. No live TV is a big thing because if you just want movies and TV shows then you really don't need to be using a Kodi Wizard installer. So, nice looking, right size but too basic and too Kodi looking.


The best out of the three is Spinz TV but the competition was hardly fierce. If you must use the Kodi Wizard builds then I strongly suggest you download the raw zip files using the provided links and transfer them to your device using a USB pen drive. If you need a complete installer for your android device then check out our apps or the apps we have built for our clients that sell android TV boxes that needed a safe way to keep their customers Kodi build up to date on Android.
Our biggest build is less than 100mb that's less than half the size of the Blackbox build and less than one fifth of the beast. Check out our Android apps for streaming.


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  1. Hi there, I totally agree with your comments on the beast build, I have it on my laptop and it’s very un organised, I’m real new to the kodi world as recently bought a fire stick on eBay, The stick I received is layed out great with great add ons, ( customized) . I class myself as clueless in the understanding of these although I have been trying to learn to allow myself to make my laptop and stick better, I’m thinking of my S6 Samsung phone as it’s 64gb but I’d love your help or advice on best way to do it or possibly your advice about making my laptop kodi into a great build. I’m sick of watching you tube vids from guys who think they are kodi masters,,, you seem to be the man to go to. Cheers for your time. Kris Farquhar

    • Yes, really easy but if you’re using an Android box then you would be better using one of the apps on this site. They’re safe, regular updates and updating does not require a force close. Beast build bricked one of my boxes. Think on.

  2. I agree with this blog 100% in fact it’s the most honest review out there. I have tried and tested exactly what you are talking about and I agree. I am working on just setting kodi up the way I like it with my add ons and my own art. It’s not too hard and so much more stable and correct

    • I agree with you. I’m sick of builds with dead links etc. I only use a few addons and want to make a menu with only those addons and my own art. Could you please recommend without the use of a computer the easiest way of doing this. Essentially all I want to do is build one for my 78 year old mum that’s easy to navigate. I will use specto and exodus for films. Filmon and cloud for live TV. A guide for easy use. All so she can just scroll and play. Your advice would be most welcome.

  3. HI I had the smart gadgets programme on my fire stick. I then stupidly changed it to mental acts and had nothing but trouble how do I start again??


    • Hey,

      It depends on your device. Like the post states if it’s Android it isn’t wise to keep using these Kodi Wizard installers because they make you force close the app and that is really bad for your device. If you need a complete build for android check out but to answer your question to start over on an Android device just select the Kodi app from Settings > Apps and then select clear data.


  4. I totally agree. Paradox build absolutely destroyed my Android box. Why do they make such ridiculous build sizes? Clearly over compensating because they’re lacking in another department!! Lol!!

  5. I installed Spinz on Kodi and now when I open Kodi the Spinz TVs build opens up. I cannot now get back to the Kodi home screen to add anything else.

    • He uses the media folder with a Splash image in there. If you go in to your Android settings > Apps > Kodi > Clear App Data
      The image will be gone.

  6. I would be interested to see “your” build… to compare with others as I see you like to trash talk them (reminds me during election time)… what I want to hear is why yours is better with specifics. as it doesn’t matter if you use a build or create your own… because addons go up and down all of the time so yes the more add-ons that are on builds the more chance that they will have more dead addons. just comes with the cat and mouse game we have going on.

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